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The Gender and Law Association announces the results of the First Lotika Sarkar Essay Competition for Law Students.

The first Prize goes to Ms. Megha Ramani from NALSAR University of law, Hyderabad and the Second Prize goes to Ms. Karubakee Nandi of the NUJS Kolkatta. The winning essays will be published in the Lawyers Collective. All the participants will be sent feedback with comments from the reviewers and a comparative grade sheet. A panel of four judges evaluated the essays. Essays shortlisted by all the four were considered for the prizes.

GALA Congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants for making this first competition such a rewarding exercise. More updates on the competition will be published soon.

Indian Association of Womens' Studies Conference, Goa, May 2005

In May 2005, GALA sponsored a Subtheme of three workshops at the Indian Association of Womens' Studies conference, held in Goa, India. Feminist lawyers, educators, advocates, researchers and law students attended the conference.

Many academics, activists and practitioners in India and throughout the world are increasingly concerned over the way in which the law in India is interpreted and enforced in a manner that disadvantages women andother sections of the Indian population. GALA's workshops at IAWS explored how integrating gender into legal education can serve as a remedy for this inequality, examined areas where the current legal curriculum could incorporate a gender focus, and discussed methodologies to develop students' and teachers' capacity to deal with gender discrimination.

Click here to view the complete abstracts from the workshops.