Department Directory

Office of Finance & Administration
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Suite 370
Washington, DC 20016
Tel: 202-274-4060
Fax: 202-274-0705

Khalid Khalid
Assistant Dean
Suite 372, 202-274-4472

Cathy Prather
Budget Analyst/HR
Suite 371, 202-274-4062

Kimberly Dinkins
Financial Analyst
Suite 370, 202-274-4066

Tino Fletcher
Operations Coordinator
Suite 370, 202-274-4060

Michael Scher
Staff Assistant
Suite 370A, 202-274-4061

For additional information, please visit AU's Controller - Procurement & Contracts website.


Purchase Requisitions

These are used to purchase goods and services from approved outside vendors.

  • The purchase requisition is entered into DATATEL by the department.
  • The Purchasing Department will then convert the requisition into a Purchase Order (PO).
  • The Purchasing Department place the order with the vendor.

Blanket Purchase Orders

Blanket Purchase Orders are used for leases, maintenance agreements, or purchases of materials made on a continuous basis from the same vendor. (i.e., Federal Express, Xerox, courier and catering services)

  • Requests over $5,000 must have information entered on the comment line (Line 25, DATATEL - REQM screen) detailing the need for a blanket order for that amount.
  • If there is a contract connected to the Blanket Order (i.e., maintenance contracts), the contract must be approved by AU's Finance and Treasurer's Office prior to the Blanket Order being processed.
  • Approved contracts are signed and picked up in Controller Office, 2nd Floor Brandywine.

Please Note: Once a Blanket Order is generated, the money is encumbered and will remain encumbered until the end of the fiscal year, April 30th, or until the Blanket Order is canceled or paid in full.

Purchasing Cards

To eliminate the need to create purchase requisitions for small dollar amounts and reduce the number of petty cash reimbursements, AU staff may use a university purchasing card for certain purchases. These purchases include subscriptions, books, and food.

Corporate Express

Office supplies are ordered through our online supplier Corporate Express. To establish a Corporate Express account and login information, contact the Office of Finance and Administration at