Department Directory

Office of Finance & Administration
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Suite C303
Washington, DC 20016
Tel: 202-274-4060
Fax: 202-274-0705

Khalid Khalid
Associate Dean
Suite C303B, 202-274-4472

Cathy Prather
Assistant Director
Suite C303D, 202-274-4062

Michael Scher
Assistant Director of Business Operations
Suite C303C, 202-274-4061

Tino Fletcher
Finance Coordinator
Suite C303-01, 202-274-4060

Compensation & Payroll Procedures

Payment schedules are located on under the finance section.

Payroll Schedule
The payroll schedule and paycheck stubs are available through

Full-time Faculty
Salary payments are made monthly, based on an annual contract, which is handled by the Dean's Office.

Visiting Faculty
Salary payments are processed through the WCL Dean's Office and the AU Provost's Office on a 9 month payment schdule.

Adjunct & Summer Faculty
Remuneration is processed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Full Time Staff
Timesheets are available at

Part-Time Staff
Timesheets are available at, however, if necessary, blank time sheets are available for part-time workers. Print the form, fill in your name and time period and submit to the Office of Finance and Administration. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Finance and Administration at (202) 274-4060, or by e-mail.

Professional (Exempt)
Professional staff is paid on the last working day of each month.

Non-Exempt Staff
Full-time staff and part-time staff are paid bi-weekly.

Work study and summer research assistants are paid bi-weekly. Dean's Fellows are paid through AU Payroll system twice a semester.

Honoraria for AU Employees (i.e. Lectures, Speakers) are paid in conjunction with regular compensation upon receipt of a PAF in Payroll.
Honoraria for non-AU Employees (i.e. Lectures, Speakers) are paid through Accounts Payable as soon as the disbursement request and related documentation are submitted. If the recipient is not a US citizen, please contact the Office of Finance and Administration at (202) 274-4062 for further information.