Department Directory

Office of Finance & Administration
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Suite 370
Washington, DC 20016
Tel: 202-274-4060
Fax: 202-274-0705

Khalid Khalid
Assistant Dean
Suite 372, 202-274-4472

Cathy Prather
Budget Analyst/HR
Suite 371, 202-274-4062

Kimberly Dinkins
Financial Analyst
Suite 370, 202-274-4066

Tino Fletcher
Operations Coordinator
Suite 370, 202-274-4060

Michael Scher
Staff Assistant
Suite 370A, 202-274-4061

Accounts Payable

Procedures for Accounts Payable are based on federal laws, filing requirements for the IRS, and American University policy. The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that all WCL funds are disbursed and recorded in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. All faculty and staff members are expected to comply with procedures.

The Accounts Payable Department handles all activities associated with payment for purchases and issuance of all non-payroll checks. Accounts Payable generates checks for:

  • Prepayment of conference fees, membership dues, and subscriptions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Cash advances
  • Contracting for services
  • Personal reimbursements (checks over $100)

Professional Services Agreement Contracts

Payments to individuals for services require a social security number, a permanent address, and a current ratified Professional Services Agreement form. Contractual services are processed on a Disbursement Request form.

Tax Exempt Certificates

The Tax Exempt Certificate is used to purchase tangible property without paying sales and use tax.

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