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Khalid Khalid
Assistant Dean
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Cathy Prather
Budget Analyst/HR
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Kimberly Dinkins
Financial Analyst
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Tino Fletcher
Operations Coordinator
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Michael Scher
Staff Assistant
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American University Washington College of Law Foreign Travel

Faculty and Staff Foreign Travel:

Email: To WCL Finance and Administration four to two weeks in advance of travel:

  • Name of Participant(s):
  • Status: Faculty/Staff
  • Department Arranging Travel:
  • Exact Destination (Country, City and date in each if more than one stop):
  • Number of Weeks/Days:
  • Purpose of Travel: Three to four sentences
  • Security Rating of destination (if the rating is high, 4 or 5, fax or email an assumption of risk form from the traveler for AU records) Risk The form can be found here:

Student Foreign Travel:

Forward a memo (hard copy) to WCL Finance and Administration 6-8 weeks prior to travelling (no exceptions).

  • The memo should be addressed to the Provost Office of AU, and Cc'ed to Dean of WCL.
  • List of Participants (if more then five (5) participants please forward electronic version as well), AUID# and Status
  • Itinerary, exact date and name of city, country
  • Contingency and Communication Plan
  • Purpose of Travel

Submitted with:

  • Copies of completed Consent Forms for each student participant. Originals need to stay at WCL Finance.
  • Please forward an attendance list with signatures or email confirmation that pre-departure meeting/information has been given to all participants.
  • WCL Finance needs to secure the Dean's authorization on memorandum and forward's all paperwork to AU Provost Office.
  • Risk Assessment Reports-WCL Finance prints these:
  • WCL Finance keeps one complete copy of all documentation on file for three years
  • All approved travelers are signed up for Global Accident & Health Protection Coverage. To read more go to AU's Risk Management website:
  • All travel is subject to cancelation by American University if the security level changes.