Department Directory

Office of Finance & Administration
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Suite 370
Washington, DC 20016
Tel: 202-274-4060
Fax: 202-274-0705

Khalid Khalid
Assistant Dean
Suite 372, 202-274-4472

Cathy Prather
Budget Analyst/HR
Suite 371, 202-274-4062

Kimberly Dinkins
Financial Analyst
Suite 370, 202-274-4066

Tino Fletcher
Operations Coordinator
Suite 370, 202-274-4060

Michael Scher
Staff Assistant
Suite 370A, 202-274-4061


Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What's the reimbursement rate for mileage?

    A: Currently it is 37.5 cents per mile. The rate is based on Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

    Q: I'm hiring a part-timer who is a student. What address should be listed on the Action Form?

    A: It should be their permanent address. It should never be their campus address.

    Q: I have a new full-time employee. I understand they need to go to orientation. When and where?

    A: Human Resources generally holds orientation sessions every other Monday.

    Q: I am about to take a trip on behalf of the university. Anything I should know about regarding reimbursements?

    A: Please consult the university's travel policy.