Department Directory

Office of Finance & Administration
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Suite 370
Washington, DC 20016
Tel: 202-274-4060
Fax: 202-274-0705

Khalid Khalid
Assistant Dean
Suite 372, 202-274-4472

Cathy Prather
Budget Analyst/HR
Suite 371, 202-274-4062

Kimberly Dinkins
Financial Analyst
Suite 370, 202-274-4066

Tino Fletcher
Operations Coordinator
Suite 370, 202-274-4060

Michael Scher
Staff Assistant
Suite 370A, 202-274-4061

Employment: Staff

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Applying for a Position

  • To apply, submit a completed application to Human Resource in 3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW, Suite# 350.
  • The hiring department is responsible for making interview arrangements and final selection for qualified applicants.

  • An I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form must be completed within three business days of the first day of employment.

  • Foreign Nationals - A Statement of Residence - For Tax Purposes form must be completed by Non-US citizens. Contact the Foreign National Specialist in the Main Campus Payroll Office, 202-885-6171, to complete this form along with the I-9 form.