Supplemental Loans

Grad PLUS Loans

The federal Grad PLUS loan is the primary funding source for WCL students seeking supplemental assistance, i.e. funds to meet Cost of Attendance (COA) expenses not covered by Stafford loans or other financial aid. Grad PLUS is funded by the Department of Education through the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program (DL) and is available to borrowers meeting credit criteria. Grad PLUS is not automatically included in the financial aid package; you must apply for assistance by completing a Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Application. The application is filed online at

Private Loans

Borrowers ineligible for Grad PLUS may consider alternative (private) credit-based loans. Private loan borrowers should note that additional processing time is required. Allow a minimum of six weeks for funds to arrive.

Additional Information

International Students - Loans are available through a limited number of lenders with programs for international students. A qualified co-borrower is required.


ADVISORY - Please select your lender with care and consider your options when reviewing interest rates and repayment terms.

APPLICATION DEADLINE - July 1 for all students. On time filing ensures priority processing and timely receipt of funds.

LATE FILING - Delays funds. Applications are certified in the order received or as released for processing by the lender.

DISBURSEMENTS - All financial aid, including federal loans, are disbursed directly to AU and applied to your student account. Private loan funds are issued by check and are posted by the University Cashier upon receipt. Refunds are issued by the Office of Student Accounts.