Other Aid Sources

  • Dean's Fellowships
    Appointment as a Dean's Fellow provides compensation for research work with distinguished faculty or for assisting with classroom instruction in the Legal Methods writing program. Appointments are secured through contact with faculty or program coordinators. Restrictions on employment for first year students apply to these fellowships. Compensation is at a rate of $12 per hour with a maximum of 20 hours a week.

  • Part-time Employment
    Full-time, first-year law students are not permitted to work; most second and third year students seek off-campus part-time legal work during the academic year and summer months. Many are successful in finding clerking or summer associate positions. These positions provide valuable experience as well as earnings to ease the financial burdens of law school. Information regarding is available through the Office of Career Services.

  • United Methodist Graduate Awards (PDF | DOC)
    These awards assist financially needy law and graduate students who are active members of the United Methodist Church. A Need Access application is required. Additional information is available in the WCL Financial Aid Office.