Law School Grants

The Washington College of Law awards need-based grants to full-time JD students who qualify on the basis of need according to application information reported to the law school. WCL grants are available to U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens as defined by federal criteria. Institutional financial aid awarded by WCL cannot exceed tuition.

To apply for grant assistance, you must complete the WCL Institutional Need-based Aid Application (available late 2016). Parental information is required of every applicant for need-based grant support, regardless of age or dependency status. Applications without parental information are incomplete and will not be considered.

It is the analysis of the application data which determines the financial strength of the student and the family. The calculated contributions and other identified student resources are applied toward the student's basic educational expenses or cost of attendance. A grant is awarded if costs have not been met and remaining need exists. Expected completion of degree requirements at WCL is also considered in determining grant eligibility.

The deadline for submitting the WCL Institutional Need-based Aid Application is March 1. Applicants filing after the deadline cannot be guaranteed assistance. Do not wait for an offer of admission to apply.

Applicants must reapply each year for grant consideration. Awards are not automatically renewed. Grant recipients must maintain full-time enrollment and are limited to three years of support, irrespective of dual degree status. Awards are subject to reduction beyond the first year due to the increased contribution expected of upper-level students.