JD Distinguished Fellowship Program

2016 JD Distinguished Fellowship Program

The 2016 AUWCL JD Distinguished Fellowship Program (“Program”) will be offered to graduating JD students and will provide a fellowship of up to six months (26 weeks) and maximum earnings of $12,000 to fund the performance of substantive legal or law-related work.

The Program is a bridge-to-practice fellowship and will be awarded to those applicants who most compellingly demonstrate merit (i.e.,law school academic and extracurricular achievements, GPA and rank, etc.), as well as evidence that an award of a fellowship would make it significantly more likely that the applicant will be able to obtain permanent legal employment during or immediately after the conclusion of the fellowship.

The fellowships will be awarded through a selective process, and interested candidates must meet the following baseline criteria:

Candidates must be AUWCL JD graduates (having a graduation date of December 2015, May 2016 or August 2016) and have a commitment from an external employer (“Fellowship Sponsor”) at the time of application. The Fellowship Sponsor may be a for-profit or non-profit employer and can be either a domestic or international entity. The work performed during the fellowship must be restricted to substantive legal or law-related work which enhances the candidate’s career development, as evaluated by the Fellowship Selection Committee. The work should correlate with the candidate’s previous experience and career goals, as demonstrated by the candidate’s resume and personal statement submitted in accordance with posted guidelines and deadlines.

Candidates will be required to submit a completed online fellowship application packet to jddfellowship@wcl.american.edu by 5:00PM EST on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Awards are expected to be announced by the beginning of June.

To apply, please read the JDDF Program FAQ section of this website and complete and submit the following application documents: