Office Supplies

General office supplies and can be found in Room 469. If any item needed is not available, please ask for assistance at the reception desk. In addition, administrative assistants usually keep a supply of essentials in their office. Please inform a FASS staff member when supplies are low, so items can be restocked in a timely fashion.

Special Items

Items such as desk sets (pen or pencil holders, tape dispensers, or calender holders), specialty pens or markers, and other items not found in the supply cabinets must be ordered as a special request. Inform your assistant of what is needed and the quantity. Your assistant will locate in-stock supplies or place an order for the needed item(s).

Tape Recorders and Transcribers

Micro-cassette recorders and transcribers are available for your use. Check with your assistant on the location of these items.

First-Aid Kit

The first-aid kit is located in the FASS Office, Room 469. It is in a large, gray box with a bright orange cross taped on the front. It contains small bandages, rubbing alcohol, and aspirin.

Purchase Office Equipment

To purchase office equipment such as printers, fax machines, and scanners, contact the Office of Technology at 202-274-4021.

Office Equipment Repairs



Fax machines
Copier machines
Printers and Scanners

Office of Finance and Administration, 202-274-4060
FASS, 202-274-4135
Office of Technology, 202-274-4021