Tamara Takács

Dr. Tamara Takács is an Assistant professor at Utrecht University School of Law (Netherlands), where she lectures in European Union Law and International Economic Law. In the Spring semester of 2011 she is an Adjunct Professor at Washington College of Law and teaches Introduction to European Union Law. Next to her teaching at the University, Dr. Takács has trained judges and civil servants from Central and Eastern Europe in European Union law. She has published extensively on the application of EU law in the Member States and the external trade law and policy of the European Union.

Dr. Takács completed her doctoral dissertation (PhD) at Utrecht University School of Law and the T.M.C. Asser Institute in the Hague. She received her law degree from the University of Pécs (Hungary), and a Master’s Degree in European Union Law (D.E.A in Droit Communautaire) from Université Nancy 2 (France).

Currently Teaching

There are no classes currently associated with this professor.

Degrees & Universities

  • Ph.D. in Law, Utrecht University School of Law 2009
  • D.E.A., Université Nancy 2 2003 (Master’s Degree in European Union Law )
  • Law Degree, University of Pécs 2002