John Szabo

John is a Senior Ethics Advisor for Ethos, LLC. He is a highly respected member of the Ethics Community having served as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Ethics Council, which is composed of ethics counselors from across the Federal government.

John is a frequent speaker at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Office of Government Ethics Conferences, and other public and private venues. He specialized in providing training to the public sector and to those contractors, sub-contractors and grantees that conduct business with the public sector. In 2014, he completed a nine-month position as Senior Counsel, Committee on Ethics for the House of Representatives.

John is an expert in shepherding Presidential appointees through the White House and Office of Government Ethics, including resolving conflicts of interest and submission of financial disclosure reports to the Senate for confirmation. He also develops, coordinates, and administers initial and annual ethics training for rank and file employees.

John is a certified ethics trainer by the Josephson Institute of Ethics. He holds a JD from the George Washington University School of Law.

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