Faculty by Areas of Specialization

Academic Administration (1)First Amendment (3)Local Government Law (1)
Academic Support (1)Food and Drug Law (1)Minority Groups (1)
Administrative Law (7)Gender and the Law (6)National Security Law (2)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (2)Habeas Corpus / Post-Conviction Remedies (2)Non-Profit Law and Philanthropy (2)
Antitrust and Economic Regulation (3)Health Law (3)Patent Law (1)
Appellate Advocacy (2)Housing Law (3)Post-Graduate Legal Education (1)
Art Law (1)Immigration Law (5)Poverty Law (2)
Bankruptcy / Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights (3)Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples (1)Prison Litigation / Prisoners’ Rights (1)
Business Associations / Corporations (6)Information Law and Privacy (3)Products Liability (1)
Capital Punishment (1)Intellectual Property (7)Professional Responsibility (2)
Children and the Law (1)International Business Law (4)Property Law (4)
Civil Procedure (7)International Commercial Arbitation (5)Public Employment Law (1)
Civil Rights (6)International Commercial Arbitation (6)Public Health Law (1)
Clinical Legal Education (15)International Criminal Law (6)Public Interest Law (2)
Commercial and Related Consumer Law (4)International Environmental Law (2)Real Estate Transactions (1)
Communications and Media Law (2)International Human Rights (13)Remedies (1)
Community Development Law (3)International Humanitarian Law (1)Secured Transactions (2)
Comparative Law (8)International Intellectual Property (4)Sentencing Law (3)
Conflict of Laws (2)International Law (11)Separation of Powers (1)
Contracts (4)International Legal Exchange (2)Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues (3)
Copyright Law (2)International Organizations (3)Social Entrepreneurship (2)
Counterterrorism Law (3)International Trade Law (1)Social Networking and the Law (1)
Criminal Law (11)Internet and Computer Law (4)Socio-Economics (1)
Criminal Procedure (8)Jurisprudence (3)Taxation (3)
Disability Law (1)Labor Relations and Employment Law (2)Teaching Methods (1)
Domestic Violence (2)Law and Development (2)Telecommunications Law (1)
Education Law (1)Law and Economics (2)The Supreme Court (1)
Election Law (2)Law and Peace Negotiations (1)Torts and Compensation Systems (5)
Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation (2)Law and Sports (1)Trade Secrets (1)
Employment Discrimination Law (3)Law and the Humanities (1)Trademark Law (1)
Environmental Law (4)Law and the Social Sciences (1)Transactional Law and Skills (2)
Ethics in Government (1)Legal History (4)Transitional Justice (1)
European Union Law (1)Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research (2)Trial Advocacy (3)
Evidence (4)Legislation & Law of the Political Process (2)Trusts and Estates (1)
Family and Juvenile Law (3)Litigation (2)White Collar Crime (1)
Federal Courts (3)Litigation Against the Federal Government (3)Women in Legal Education (1)

Academic Administration

Mark Niles

Academic Support

Mark Niles

Administrative Law

Lewis A. GrossmanMark Niles William J. Snape, III
Amanda Cohen LeiterAndrew PopperAnthony E. Varona
Jeffrey Lubbers

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Nancy AbramowitzElliott Milstein  

Antitrust and Economic Regulation

Jonathan BakerJames MayAndrew Popper 

Appellate Advocacy

Mark Niles William J. Snape, III  

Art Law

Christine Haight Farley

Bankruptcy / Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights

Isaiah BakerJohn (Bernie) CorrWalter Effross 

Business Associations / Corporations

Nancy AbramowitzWalter EffrossMary Siegel
Kenneth AndersonEgon GuttmanPerry Wallace

Capital Punishment

Ira P. Robbins

Children and the Law

Ann Shalleck

Civil Procedure

Llezlie Green ColemanAmanda FrostMark Niles
John (Bernie) CorrLewis A. GrossmanNancy Polikoff
N. Jeremi Duru

Civil Rights

Susan CarleLia EppersonAnita Sinha
Llezlie Green ColemanHerman SchwartzRobert Tsai

Susan BennettElliott MilsteinAnn Shalleck
David ChavkinAmy MyersAnita Sinha
Robert DinersteinVictoria PhillipsBrenda V. Smith
Deena HurwitzJayesh RathodRichard Ugelow
Binny MillerJenny RobertsRichard Wilson

Walter EffrossHeather HughesDavid Snyder
Egon Guttman

Communications and Media Law

Victoria PhillipsAnthony E. Varona  

Community Development Law

Padideh Ala'iSusan BennettBrenda V. Smith 

Comparative Law

Padideh Ala'iMacarena SaezMichael Tigar
Deena HurwitzHerman SchwartzPaul Williams
Fernanda NicolaDavid Snyder

Conflict of Laws

John (Bernie) CorrIra P. Robbins  


Isaiah BakerCandace Kovacic-FleischerDavid Snyder
Michael W. Carroll

Michael W. CarrollPeter Jaszi  

Counterterrorism Law

Kenneth AndersonNicholas KittrieStephen I. Vladeck 

Criminal Law

David AaronsonCynthia JonesJenny Roberts
Elizabeth BoalsBillie Jo KaufmanBrenda V. Smith
Jennifer DaskalNicholas KittrieMichael Tigar
Angela J. DavisIra P. Robbins

Criminal Procedure

David AaronsonCynthia JonesJenny Roberts
Jennifer DaskalNicholas KittrieRobert Tsai
Angela J. DavisIra P. Robbins

Disability Law

Robert Dinerstein

Domestic Violence

Amy MyersAnn Shalleck  

Education Law

Lia Epperson

Election Law

Jamin RaskinHerman Schwartz  

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

Nancy AbramowitzAndrew Pike  

Employment Discrimination Law

Susan CarleN. Jeremi DuruRichard Ugelow 

Environmental Law

David HunterWilliam J. Snape, IIIPerry Wallace
Amanda Cohen Leiter

Ethics in Government

Robert Vaughn

European Union Law

Fernanda Nicola


David AaronsonCynthia JonesAnthony Morella
Elizabeth Boals

Family and Juvenile Law

Amy MyersNancy PolikoffAnn Shalleck 

Federal Courts

Amanda FrostMichael TigarStephen I. Vladeck 

First Amendment

Jamin RaskinIra P. RobbinsStephen Wermiel 

Food and Drug Law

Lewis A. Grossman

Gender and the Law

Janie ChuangDaniela KraiemAnn Shalleck
Candace Kovacic-FleischerMacarena SaezBrenda V. Smith

Habeas Corpus / Post-Conviction Remedies

Ira P. RobbinsStephen I. Vladeck  

Health Law

David ChavkinLewis A. GrossmanLindsay F. Wiley 

Housing Law

Susan BennettEzra RosserAnita Sinha 

Immigration Law

Jennifer DaskalJayesh RathodRichard Wilson
Elliott MilsteinAnita Sinha

Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples

Ezra Rosser

Information Law and Privacy

Michael W. CarrollWilliam J. Snape, IIIRobert Vaughn 

Intellectual Property

Jonas AndersonChristine Haight FarleyPeter Jaszi
Michael W. CarrollSean FlynnVictoria Phillips
Walter Effross

International Business Law

Padideh Ala'iEgon GuttmanDavid Snyder
Isaiah Baker

International Commercial Arbitation

Padideh Ala'iHoracio Grigera NaónPerry Wallace
Janie ChuangDavid Snyder

International Commercial Arbitation

Jennifer DaskalBinny MillerHerman Schwartz
Lia EppersonJamin RaskinStephen I. Vladeck

International Criminal Law

Nicholas KittrieDiane OrentlicherStephen I. Vladeck
Juan MendezSusana SáCoutoRichard Wilson

International Environmental Law

David HunterWilliam J. Snape, III  

International Human Rights

Kenneth AndersonElliott MilsteinSusana SáCouto
Janie ChuangAmy MyersMacarena Saez
Robert GoldmanDiane OrentlicherPaul Williams
Deena HurwitzDiego Rodriguez-PinzonRichard Wilson
Juan Mendez

International Humanitarian Law

Robert Goldman

International Intellectual Property

Michael W. CarrollSean FlynnPeter Jaszi
Christine Haight Farley

International Law

Kenneth AndersonDeena HurwitzSusana SáCouto
Daniel BradlowJuan MendezMichael Tigar
Janie ChuangDiane OrentlicherPaul Williams
Robert GoldmanDiego Rodriguez-Pinzon

Isaiah BakerIra P. Robbins  

International Organizations

Kenneth AndersonHoracio Grigera NaónDiego Rodriguez-Pinzon 

International Trade Law

Padideh Ala'i

Internet and Computer Law

Michael W. CarrollChristine Haight FarleyBillie Jo Kaufman
Walter Effross


Fernanda NicolaAnn ShalleckRobert Tsai 

Labor Relations and Employment Law

Susan CarleJayesh Rathod  

Law and Development

Daniel BradlowFernanda Nicola  

Law and Economics

Kenneth AndersonJonathan Baker  

Law and Peace Negotiations

Paul Williams

Law and Sports

N. Jeremi Duru

Law and the Humanities

Mark Niles

Law and the Social Sciences

Robert Tsai

Isaiah BakerJames MayDavid Snyder
Lewis A. Grossman

Paul FigleyBillie Jo Kaufman  

Legislation & Law of the Political Process

Amanda FrostRobert Tsai  


Paul FigleyMichael Tigar  

Litigation Against the Federal Government

Paul FigleyMark Niles William J. Snape, III 

Local Government Law

Fernanda Nicola

Minority Groups

Nicholas Kittrie

National Security Law

Jennifer DaskalStephen I. Vladeck  

Non-Profit Law and Philanthropy

Benjamin LeffWilliam J. Snape, III  

Patent Law

Jonas Anderson

Post-Graduate Legal Education

Billie Jo Kaufman

Poverty Law

Susan BennettEzra Rosser  

Prison Litigation / Prisoners’ Rights

Ira P. Robbins

Products Liability

Andrew Popper

Professional Responsibility

Susan CarleBrenda V. Smith  

Property Law

Evelyn AbravanelHeather HughesEzra Rosser
Jonas Anderson

Public Employment Law

Robert Vaughn

Public Health Law

Lindsay F. Wiley

Public Interest Law

Susan BennettWilliam J. Snape, III  

Real Estate Transactions

Barlow Burke


Candace Kovacic-Fleischer

Secured Transactions

Heather HughesDavid Snyder  

Sentencing Law

Nicholas KittrieIra P. RobbinsJenny Roberts 

Separation of Powers

Stephen I. Vladeck

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues

Nancy PolikoffMacarena SaezAnthony E. Varona 

Social Entrepreneurship

Susan BennettWalter Effross  

Social Networking and the Law

Ira P. Robbins


Candace Kovacic-Fleischer


Nancy AbramowitzBenjamin LeffAndrew Pike 

Teaching Methods

Ann Shalleck

Telecommunications Law

Victoria Phillips

The Supreme Court

Stephen Wermiel

Torts and Compensation Systems

Paul FigleyFernanda NicolaLindsay F. Wiley
Amanda Cohen LeiterAndrew Popper

Trade Secrets

Jonas Anderson

Trademark Law

Christine Haight Farley

Transactional Law and Skills

Robert DinersteinBinny Miller  

Transitional Justice

Diane Orentlicher

Trial Advocacy

David AaronsonElizabeth BoalsAngela J. Davis 

Trusts and Estates

Evelyn Abravanel

White Collar Crime

Peter Jaszi

Ann Shalleck