Addressing Staff Sexual Misconduct with Offenders

National Institute of Corrections
American University Washington College of Law
March 6 - 11, 2005

American Jail Association
Staff Sexual Misconduct

WHEREAS, the American Jail Association has identified staff sexual misconduct as unethical and unprofessional and;

WHEREAS, this conduct threatens the safety and security of the institution, staff, and inmates and;

WHEREAS, inmates and staff have a right to a nonhostile workplace with no inappropriate sexual remarks and;

WHEREAS, sexual misconduct is most often not rape, but a range of behaviors including inappropriate remarks, sexualized name-calling, correspondence, fondling, inappropriate viewing, and sexual contact and;

WHEREAS, staff and inmates cannot engage in consensual sexual relations and;

WHEREAS, not all states have identified this conduct as criminal or have not prohibited this conduct and;

WHEREAS, not all jails have identified or prohibited this conduct and;

WHEREAS, inmates have a right to be free from staff sexual misconduct;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the American Jail Association supports the implementation of policies that prohibit staff sexual misconduct and encourages the passage of laws that identify criminalization of this conduct.

Adopted by the American Jail Association Board of Directors on May 3, 2003.*

*This resolution was adopted in substance; editorial changes may be made before it is finalized.

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