Nina Gardner

Nina L. Gardner is the director of Strategy International, a consulting firm she founded specializing in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and climate change -- issues which she gravitated to due to her strong interest in human rights, economics and the environment at Columbia Law School. Her subsequent experience in corporate practice in Washington, and Prague, then as a political officer with the UN and the OSCE in Zagreb, convinced her that the best way to effectuate change is to encourage the public, private sector and civil society to work together – and that business can turn human rights and environmental challenges into profitable opportunities.

Her main client is ENEL SpA (2nd largest electric utility in Europe). She works closely with the company’s CSR and Investor Relations departments on global sustainability issues, improving internal ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) metrics and on outreach toward the SRI and progressive investor community. She was also instrumental in launching the Enel Green Power joint venture with the Barefoot college NGO to improve energy access to villages in Latin America. In the public policy domain, she developed and implemented a major campaign on active ageing with Pfizer and European NGOs and governments and has actively participated in the development of two OECD programs: the Global project on Indicators for Measuring the Progress of Societies, and the women’s entrepreneurship component of the OECD MENA Investment Programme.

Ms. Gardner is an activist in women’s issues – and is the founding president of three professional women’s associations in Europe (Prague, Paris, Rome). She is a graduate of Harvard-Radcliffe, Columbia Law School and was a Rotary scholar at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotà, Colombia. Ms. Gardner is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and is a member of the New York Bar.

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