Macarena Saez

Fellow in ILSP
Director, Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Office: Room Y327
Phone: 202-274-4388
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Macarena Sáez is the Director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and a Fellow in the International Legal Studies Program. She teaches in the areas of Gender and Sexuality, Family Law, Comparative Law, and International Human Rights. Her main areas of research are sexual orientation and gender identity, and gender discrimination in Latin America.

Macarena is a founding member of the Network of Latin American Scholars on Gender, Sexuality and Legal Education ALAS, an organization that provides training to law professors in Latin America on mainstreaming gender and sexuality perspectives in legal education. She is also member of Libertades Públicas, an organization that promotes civil liberties in Latin America. With this organization she was one of the lead counsels for the victims in the first case on sexual orientation before the Inter American System of Human Rights Karen Atala and daughters v. Chile.

Before coming to WCL Macarena was a faculty member at the University of Chile Law School where she taught jurisprudence and worked actively in law school's curriculum reform. She has also taught feminist jurisprudence and human rights in different universities of Latin America and Europe. Saez has given her expert testimony on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity before the Constitutional Court of Colombia and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Areas of Specialization

  • Comparative Law
  • Gender and the Law
  • International Human Rights
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues

Degrees & Universities

  • J.D., University of Chile School of Law
  • LL.M., Yale Law School

  • Selected Publications

    • Macarena Saez, Sexual Orientation & the Law, in Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (Angela Wong, Maithree Wickramasinghe and Renee C. Hooglan, eds., Wiley-Blackwell forthcoming 2016).
    • Macarena Saez, ed., Same-Sex Couples: Comparative Insights on Marriage and Cohabitation (Springer May 2015).
    • Macarena Saez, Gender and Sexuality in Latin America - Cases and Decisions (Motta & Saez, eds., Springer May 2013).
    • Macarena Saez, Igualdad y Orientación Sexual (Equality and Sexual Orientation), 20 Drecho y Huanidades 259 (2013).
    • Macarena Saez, General Report on Same-Sex Marriage around the World, in General Reports of the XVIIIth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (Karen B. Brown & David V. Snyder, eds., Springer Mar. 2012).
    • Macarena Saez, Simposio: Matrimonio entre Parejas de un Mismo Sexo, Anuario de Derechos Humanos 2011, U. of Chile L. Sch. Ctr. for Hum. Rights (Symposium: same sex marriage, Human Rights Yearbook 2011).
    • Macarena Saez, Same Sex- Marriage, Same-Sex Cohabitation, and Same-Sex Families Around the World: Why “Same” Is So Different?, 19 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Policy & L. 1 (2011).
    • + More Publications...

    • Books

    • Macarena Saez & Cristina Motta eds, La Mirada de los Jueces: Decisiones sobre Género y Sexualidad en Latinoamérica (Siglo del Hombre Press 2008).
    • Macarena Saez, Comentario sobre el proyecto ‘Transformación de la Condición Legal de la Mujer: Integrando temas de género en la doctrina y enseñanza del derecho', in Revista Academia (Universidad de Buenos Aires Oct. 2008).
    • Macarena Saez, Breve análisis de las tendencias feministas contemporáneas y su relación con el derecho, in Derechos Humanos, Relaciones Internacionales y Globalización: Studia in honorem Nelson Mandela (Grupo Editorial Ibañez Mar. 2007, reedited Sept. 2009).
    • Macarena Saez, Comentario sobre el proyecto ‘Transformación de la Condición Legal de la Mujer: Integrando temas de género en la doctrina y enseñanza del derecho', in Revista Academia (Universidad de Buenos Aires Oct. 2006).
    • Macarena Saez, El Derecho y los discriminados: Una relación de amor y odio, in El Derecho como Objeto e Instrumento de Cambio (Editores del Puerto May 2003).
    • Other Publications

    • Macarena Saez, El Liberalismo Feminista de Martha Nussbaum, 1 Revista Ius et Praxis 6 573 (2001).
    • Macarena Saez, Empleadas Domésticas en Chile, El Mercurio (Santiago, Chile) A2 (Aug. 5, 1998).
    • Macarena Saez, Las Mujeres y el Derecho, El Mercurio (Santiago, Chile) A2 (Oct. 15, 1996).
    • Macarena Saez, Conflictos de Interés: ¿Un problema público o privado?, Revista Bitácora 3 (Sept. 1996).