Aluisio Lima-Campos

Professor ALUISIO G. DE LIMA-CAMPOS is the Chairman of the ABCI Institute – Brazilian International Trade Scholars Inc. ( which is dedicated to the promotion of research and study of international trade issues; and senior advisor, under contract, on economic and trade matters to the Embassy of Brazil in Washington, D.C., where, among other duties, he coordinates a trade policy training program for Brazilian professionals from the government and private sectors.

A specialist, with over three decades of experience on trade policies and trade policy formulation, international trade law, trade remedies, international trade agreements and negotiations, subsidies, trade preferences and barriers, he has provided assistance to Brazilian diplomats in bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations, in the reduction of barriers to Brazilian exports and in the resolution of trade disputes. As a result of his contributions in the drafting of present Brazilian trade laws and regulations, he was invited in 1995 by then Secretary of Trade Mauricio Cortes to be the first head of the newly formed department of trade remedies (DECOM) at the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade, an honor he was unable to accept due to contract obligations in Washibngton, DC. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Development Banking from the American University, Washington, D.C.

As a professor, he teaches two courses at the Washington College of Law: “International Trade Policy: Theory and Practice” and “Regional Trade Agreements”. Also teaches trade policy courses in spanish-speaking programs organized by Georgetown University in Latin America for government officials and private sector executives. In his native language, Portuguese, he teaches similar courses at Fundação Getúlio Vargas’ Law School (São Paulo) and at the Brazilian Diplomatic Academy (Brasilia). He also taught for four years intermediate level “Comparative Trade Policies” and “Trade Policy Formulation” for government officials of WTO member countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia and, advanced level, in Geneva, in both English and Spanish, under contract with the WTO.