Aluisio de Lima-Campos

After a career of 10 years in financial markets in his native Brazil, acting as stock trader, private and government bonds trader, mutual fund and private equities manager, Prof. Aluisio Lima-Campos moved to Washington, D.C. to complete his education. He graduated in Economics (1981) and received a M.A. in Development Banking, both from the American University.

His transition into trade policy came in 1981, when he was put in charge of trade policy issues at the Embassy of Brazil, where he built an over 30-year career as both a trade policy specialist and economic advisor, under contract. He made and is still making key contributions, among them: in the drafting of Brazilian international trade laws and regulations, in increasing awareness on agricultural subsidies and the plight of Brazilian cotton producers, in the preparation of the Brazilian cotton case at the WTO, and in bilateral negotiations and agreements on multiple products, among others.

To help bridge a technical gap in Brazil, he established in 2004 the ABCI Institute, and in 2007 started a trade policy training program at the Embassy of Brazil for government and private sector professionals. He is currently Chairman of ABCI and continues to run the training program.

His interest in trade policy capacity building lead him to accept WTO invitations to speak on comparative trade policies and trade policy formulation to member-government representatives, in English and Spanish, in Africa, Asia, Latin-America and Geneva.

In 2007, he returned to AU as adjunct professor at the Washington College of Law where he presently teaches three trade courses: “International Trade Policy: Theory and Practice”, “Regional Trade Agreements”, and “Trade and Diplomacy”.

He has been or is guest lecturer at other learning institutions, such as the Brazilian Diplomatic Academy, FAAP, FGV, IBMEC, IIFT, ITAM, Georgetown University, IICS, NUS, USP, FMU, TFCTN, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Yale University.

Degrees & Universities

  • M.A., American University
  • B.A., American University