Jerome Levinson

Distinguished Lawyer in Residence

Jerome Levinson is distinguished lawyer in residence. He specializes in the legal aspects of foreign direct investment, and he is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Levinson is well known for his knowledge of international financial issues and workers’ rights. He is currently teaching Legal Aspects of Foreign Direct Investment; Issues in International Trade and International Financial Institutions. He recently published Who Makes United States Foreign Policy? (Signature Books, 2004).

Currently Teaching

There are no classes currently associated with this professor.

  • + Selected Publications

    • Books

    • Jerome Levinson, Who Makes United States Foreign Policy (Signature Books 2004).
    • Jerome Levinson, NAFTA's Labor Side Agreement: Lessons from the First Three Years (Inst. for Policy Stud. 1996).
    • Jerome Levinson & Juan De Onis, The Alliance That Lost Its Way (Quadrangle Press 1970).
    • Other Publications

    • Jerome Levinson, Certifying International Worker Rights: A Practical Alternative, 20 Comp. Lab. L. & Policy J. 401 (Spring 1999).
    • Jerome Levinson, The North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation: Worker Rights and The International Trade and Investment Regime, in Evolution of Free Trade in the Americas (Wilson & Lefleur 1999).
    • Jerome Levinson, The International Financial System: A Flawed Architecture, 23 Fletcher Forum World Aff. 1 (1999).
    • Jerome Levinson, Multilateral Financial Institutions: What Form of Accountability?, 8 Am. U. J. Intl. L. & Policy __ (1992).
    • Jerome Levinson, A Perspective on the Debt Crisis, in Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks, 79-107 (Robert Effros, ed., Intl. Monatery Fund 1992).