John P. Gross

Mr. Gross is Indigent Defense Counsel for The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Prior to joining the NACDL, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law and Acting Director of the Syracuse University College of Law’s Criminal Defense Clinic. Prior to his teaching and clinical career, he was a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society in New York City in the Criminal Defense Division, where he represented indigent defendants at all stages of prosecution, from arraignment through disposition. A 1999 graduate of Hofstra University College of Law, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown University in 1995.

A law review article by Mr. Gross, “Dangerous Criminals, the Search for Truth and Effective Law Enforcement: How the Supreme Court Overestimates the Social Costs of the Exclusionary Rule,” was recently published in Volume 51 of the Santa Clara Law Review. In addition, he has given numerous presentations on ethical issues related to the practice of criminal defense.

Currently Teaching

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