Keith Henderson

Adjunct Professor of Law
Senior Research Fellow and Director of TIGERS/CONTAC
American University’s School of International Service

Mr. Henderson has been called a pioneer and innovator in the field of anti-corruption and rule of law and has been profiled as a “mover and a shaker” in Washington, D.C. by the National Journal. His career spans the business, government, international development, academic and non-profit worlds. He has been an international business advisor for companies doing business in developing markets, a corporate lobbyist, a program and policy development specialist for the Federal Trade Commission, a senior expert rule of law and anti-corruption advisor for USAID and the founding executive director of a high profile non-profit regional think tank, the Sunbelt Institute, which is dedicated to promoting sound federal economic development policy in over 20 sunbelt U.S. states. Over the last 25 plus years he has worked with governments, businesses, NGOs and donors in over 50 countries throughout a wide geographical regional spread, including Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the former Soviet Union, as well as countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Malawi, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Timor Leste, India, Indonesia and China.

While at USAID in the 1990’s, Mr. Henderson was responsible for assessing, designing and managing the first rule of law and anti-corruption programs in all of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Mr. Henderson conceptualized and launched the first joint anti-corruption strategy and program for USAID and the Department of State (1994), which combined elements and programs related to both the democracy and governance and economic development divisions at USAID. He also co-conceptualized and helped launch the international law enforcement anti-corruption and rule of law partnership between State, USAID, the Department of Justice and the American Bar Association (1995); the OECD Global Anti-Corruption Network (1995); the USAID/Freedom House publication Nations in Transit (1995) ; the Transnational Crime and Corruption Center at American University (1999) and the Asian Pacific Supreme Court Judicial Reform Network (2007). Nations in Transit is an annual publication was the first USAID Tool developed to systematically monitor and report on both democratic and economic development reform progress. He is also the co-author of the highly acclaimed USAID/IFES publication, A Global Guide for Promoting Judicial Independence and Accountability and over two dozen other global best practices and lessons learned articles and policy primers.

Mr. Henderson was also USAID’s liaison and partner to the World Bank on the first cross-sectoral, cross inter-institutional anti-corruption assessments and research programs related to “Doing Business” programs. He also undertook the first national cross-sectoral and cross- institutional anti-corruption assessments for Afghanistan and Viet Nam (UNDP/2005), the first national Rule of Law Assessment for China (2007 UNDP) and Russia (USAID 1993), and an anti-corruption evaluation in Iraq (State/INL 2009). During the 1990’s Mr. Henderson held several positions at USAID, including ENI’s Senior Rule of Law Advisor, Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor in both the Democracy and Governance and the Privatization and Economic Restructuring Office, ENI Deputy Division Chief in the Democracy and Governance Office and Senior Rule of Law Advisor in the Global Bureau’s Policy, Planning and Coordination Office.

He created and continues to teach the first if not the first academic multi-disciplinary courses offered anywhere on the crosscutting subject of global corruption and the rule of law (since 1999) and lectures extensively to official Chinese delegations on a wide range of legal, corruption and governance issues. Professor Henderson can also be reached at