Egon Guttman

Professor of Law
Levitt Memorial Trust Scholar Emeritus

Office: Room Y310
Phone: 202-274-4213
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Egon Guttman has practiced and taught in Universities in England, Canada, Israel and the Sudan. His present position is Professor of Law and Levitt Memorial Trust Scholar, Emeritus. He holds expertise in corporate and commercial law, especially securities regulation and broker-dealer customer relations. His expertise in commercial law includes sales, secured transactions, negotiable instruments and other payment devices such as letters of credit and bank collection. As a member of the American Law Institute (ALI) and the American Bar Association (ABA), Professor Guttman has been involved in the revisions of various Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, and as a member of U.S. Department of State Working Groups in the drafting of conventions relating to international commercial transactions. One of the areas of his expertise is in problems of international aspects of capital raising. He is fluent in German. His practice experience involved work with the SEC(Office of the General Counsel and Division of Enforcement) Professor Guttman is the author of Modern Securities Transfers, Volume 28 & 28A of the Securities Law Series (Thomson-West Publications (updated to 2009) and of two recent case books: Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code and International Commerce (Anderson Publishing Company, 2002) and Sales Under the Uniform Commercial Code and the International Convention on the Sale of Goods (Lexis-Nexis 2006).

Currently Teaching

There are no classes currently associated with this professor.

Areas of Specialization

  • Business Associations / Corporations
  • Commercial and Related Consumer Law
  • International Business Law

Degrees & Universities

  • LL.M., University of London 1952
  • LL.B., University of London 1950

  • Selected Publications

    • Egon Guttman, Modern Securities Transfers (4th ed., West Group 2010).
    • + More Publications...

    • Books

    • Egon Guttman, Modern Securities Transfers (4th ed., West Group 2006).
    • Egon Guttman, Louis Del Duca, Miller, Winship, & Hennings, Problems and Materials on Sales Under the Uniform Commercial Code, and the Convention on Internationl Sales of Goods, Commercial Transactions Volume Two (Anderson & Co. 2006).
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    • Egon Guttman, Louis F. Del Duca, & Aslphonse M. Squillante, Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code, Commercial Transactions (Anderson & Co. 1992) (reprinted in Teachers' Manual, 1998. Supplement with Fred H. Miller, 1996).
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    • Other Publications

    • Egon Guttman, Investment Securities as Collateral, 36 U.C.C. L.J. 3 (2004).
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  • + Selected Presentations

    • Egon Guttman, Remarks, Unidroit Harmonization of Rules Governing Securities (Teleconference, Feb. 28, 2006).
    • Egon Guttman, Testimony, Transfer of Restricted Securities (Montreal, Can., Dec. 5, 2005).
    • Egon Guttman, Moderator, Conference on Financial Services Through the Internet: (American University Washington College of Law, Wash., D.C., Feb. 4, 1999).
    • Egon Guttman, Referee, The Journal of Legislative Studies: (University of Hull, Eng., 1999).
    • Egon Guttman, Moderator, Conference on Neutrality, Morality, and the Holocaust (American University Washington College of Law, Wash., D.C., 1998).
  • + Selected Teaching Materials

    • Egon Guttman & R. B. Lubic, Secured Transactions--A Simplified Guide (Wash. C. of L. 1995).
    • Egon Guttman & Dr. A. Smith, Cases and Materials on Domestic Relations (U. of Alberta 1962).