Elizabeth Boles

Elizabeth M. (Beth) Boles has been a professor of political science and law for more than 25 years, teaching at U.C. Berkeley, Sarah Lawrence College, Pomona College, Ohio State University, and currently with American University's Washington College of Law. She was the founding director of two innovative programs in experiential education for U.C. Berkeley and for The John Glenn School of Public Affairs. She has written and spoken widely about issues in civic education, international education, and comparative politics and foreign policy. She speaks frequently with visiting foreign delegations of senior scholars and government officials, and serves as an enrichment lecturer examining the nexus among history, politics, and culture, most recently in Russia, Spain and South Africa. Ms. Boles earned her Bachelor's degree at Stanford University and her Master's and Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley. For the past six years, she has taught a seminar at the WCL examining the nexus among politics, law, and public policy.

Currently Teaching

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