Eric Bilsky

Eric Bilsky is the Assistant General Counsel for Oceana, the largest international conservation organization solely dedicated to marine conservation. His marine conservation work covers legal topics ranging from fisheries law to protected species to offshore energy to international trade law. He also supports the operation of a multi-national charitable organization, practicing in areas including tax-exempt organizations, transactions, and intellectual property. Prior to joining Oceana, Mr. Bilsky served as an attorney with the Ocean Law Project at Earthjustice and a Legal Practice Professor at the University of Michigan Law School.

Mr. Bilsky's advocacy resulted in a gear modification that saves the lives of hundreds of loggerhead sea turtles each year, the establishment of a comprehensive bycatch monitoring scheme for all 13 federal fisheries in the Northeast United States, laying the legal foundation for the protection of hundreds of thousands of square miles of marine habitat in U.S. waters, and the inclusion of provisions in trade treaty negotiations to prohibit subsidies that contribute to overfishing. Mr. Bilsky has written and lectured on fisheries and international trade issues.

Mr. Bilsky earned his J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School in 1991; an M.A. in Philosophy from UCLA in 1987; and his B.A., magna cum laude, with distinction in Philosophy, from Yale College in 1985.