WCL is fortunate to have a waste management contractor that does not require pre-sorting. This makes it possible to recycle without having to have multiple containers in the building.

Since August 2002, WCL has been part of a unique "two bag - one collector" recycling program utilized by the entire AU Campus. WCL’s waste management contractor collects all of our accumulated trash and breaks it down again into wastes and recyclables at their plant. This makes it possible to collect all of our trash in either clear bags or black bags. Black bags are used in bathroom containers and kitchen containers. Clear bags are used at every other container location and offices.

Black bags are not broken down at the plant but go directly to waste processing. The clear bags are opened at the plant and the contents separated into recyclable materials. WCL receives an estimated report of how much material was recycled (~60%) from our total trash weight collected and picked up from our trash compactor. At the end of each month the contractor provides WCL with its portion of any recycling rebate. This is used to off-set the total cost of waste management at WCL.

Using a separate company, WCL also collects and recycles all replaced fluorescent tubes used in the building.

In Fall Semester 2010 with the help of Bon Appetit we have started composting the kitchen food waste.