Washington College of Law Parking Policy
JUNE 1996 (revised 8/2013)

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  1. Scope

    The purpose of this policy is to address the parking requirements for the American University Washington College of Law ("WCL"). This policy applies to WCL faculty, staff, and students ("WCL community members") and WCL visitors.

  2. Policy Statement

    In accordance with District of Columbia Zoning Order 949 and American University's Good Neighbor Policy, WCL community members and their visitors are prohibited from parking on residential streets surrounding American University's main campus, Tenley Campus, and the Washington College of Law, when engaging in a University-related activity. All WCL community members must park on University property or use public transportation when commuting to AU to engage in any University-related activity. WCL community members are responsible for informing their visitors and guests about the parking policy. Compliance with this policy is a condition of enrollment and/or employment at WCL. An electronically signed policy, see section VI, must be submitted by all accepted students prior to their arrival at WCL. This policy is subject to change and may be revised and updated from time to time.

  3. Policy and Procedures

    1. Parking Permits for WCL Community Members

      All individuals parking on WCL's campus (which includes the parking structure at and below Fresh & Green's grocery store) are required to possess and properly display a valid parking permit. WCL community members parking at the Nebraska and Katzen Parking Lots may purchase a parking permit or use the pay-as-you-go machines. Parking permits are issued by the WCL Facilities Management Office. WCL permits are distinct from those issued by the AU Department of Public Safety (DPS). American University assumes no liability or responsibility for damage or theft to any vehicle parked in or on University property.

      Rates for parking permits can be found at http://www.wcl.american.edu/facilities/

      1. Student Permits
        1. If a student acquires a car during the academic year, the car must be registered with the WCL Facilities Office at http://wcl.american.edu/facilities/registercar.
        2. Full-time, first year J.D. students are only permitted to park in the Nebraska Lot and Katzen Garage on the main Campus. Purchasing a yearly parking permit grants access to Nebraska and Katzen at all times during the week and weekend.
        3. Part-time 1L JD students can purchase a WCL Garage permit. A part-time student is defined as any student enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours per semester.
        4. All other students who intend to drive to campus are eligible to park at the WCL Garage located at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue.
        5. Parking in the WCL Garage is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the parking garage is full, the WCL Garage Permit is valid in the Katzen Garage and the Nebraska Parking Lot.
        6. If you wish to purchase a permit in the middle of the semester, pro-rating may be available. Please contact the Facilities Management office for details.
      2. Faculty and Staff Permits

        Faculty and staff who drive to work must register their car and purchase one of the following permits below:

        1. Faculty/Staff WCL Off-Site Permit: Available to all full-time and part-time staff. Valid at all AU Faculty/Staff parking lots on Main campus. Not valid at the WCL Garage, Yuma Garage or Mrs. Green's. All full-time staff members that purchase this permit are automatically placed on the waiting list for the WCL Garage. Part-time staff members are not eligible to be placed on the waiting list.
        2. Faculty/Staff WCL Garage Permit: Available to all Faculty. Staff positions that have had an assigned parking permit previously are eligible to transfer the permit to the new hire replacement. It is valid at the WCL Garage, Yuma Garage and any other AU Faculty/Staff lots.
        3. Adjunct Faculty Permit: Available to Adjunct Faculty only and free of charge. Valid in the Yuma Garage, Mrs. Green's along perimeter wall, Katzen Garage or Nebraska Lot. A full-time faculty or staff who is also adjunct faculty are not eligible for this permit.
      3. DC Zone 3 &Amp; Reciprocity Permit Deduction Program

        Full-time students who possess a valid Zone 3 Residential Parking Permit or Reciprocity Permit ("DC Permit") are eligible to have the cost of the DC Permit deducted from the WCL standard permit fees upon providing proof of purchase of the DC Permit. Only half the price of the permit will be deducted if the student purchases a semester permit. Receipts should be presented to WCL Facilities Management Office in person within 30 days of the issuance of the WCL Permit to receive the discount. Part-time students, staff and faculty are not eligible for this deduction. Zone 3 permit holders that are part of the university community are not exempt from the parking policy and cannot park on the street when engaged in activities at the university.

    2. Visitors and Alumni Parking Options

      Invited guests of the law school may receive complimentary parking at the WCL Garage. Please contact the department or organization sponsoring the event for arrangements.

      Visitors should use the AU pay-as-you-go parking facilities on the main campus at the Katzen Garage or Nebraska Lot or use public transportation when coming to WCL. This includes attendees to conferences.

      For more information, please visit http://www.american.edu/finance/publicsafety/parking/lotinfo.cfm.

    3. Handicap Parking Permits

      1. Handicap Parking Permits, either state-issued or AU-issued, must be displayed at all times to park in all WCL handicap spaces.
      2. Temporary Handicap Parking Permits are available for use in the WCL garage up to three days at the posted daily parking rate or with a valid AU parking permit. Requests for such permits should be made to the WCL Facilities Management Office.
      3. Requests for handicap parking permits extending beyond three days should be made as follows. Faculty and staff requesting a handicap parking permit must contact Employee Relations at (202) 885-2548 for further assistance. Students requesting a handicap parking must contact Disability Support Services (DSS) at dss@american.edu, (202) 885-3315 (voice/TTY) for further assistance. Information about DSS is also available at www.american.edu/disabilitysupport.
    4. Enforcement - Parking Violations

      The Department of Public Safety and the WCL Facilities Management Office bears the sole responsibility and authority to enforce the university's parking policies and regulations.

      1. Fines and Penalties
        1. A list of violations and corresponding fines are available online.
        2. First offenses will NOT be waived as a warning to WCL community members.
        3. Any member of the WCL community who parks on a residential street while engaged in University related activity will receive a $75.00 fine.
        4. After the first offense, subsequent violations will be $100 instead of $75. In addition to the fines and penalties listed above, violations of this policy may result in administrative penalties, up to and including Honor Code violations and/or disciplinary action.
      2. Payments

        Citations may be paid by check, cashier's check, money order, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Payment by student account is only available if there is a positive balance on the account. Payment can be mailed to the WCL Facilities Management office or paid over the phone by calling (202) 274-4008.

      3. Collections

        Citations open in excess of 15 calendar days are subject to collections. Collections are generally done internally but may be referred to an outside agency. These notices are sent to the vehicle's registered owner and/or the user at the time of the citation.

      4. Appeals
        1. If you believe a citation has been issued in error, the citation may be appealed. An appeal of any violation must be submitted in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days of issuance or the right to appeal will be forfeited. Appeals can be sent to the WCL Facilities Management Office by mail or by email at parking@wcl.american.edu. Please provide all pertinent documentation or other proof showing that the citation should be voided.
        2. The appeals process is an administrative process; an in-person hearing will not be conducted. Appellants will be notified of the decision by email with the address on file with the university or the email address used to file the appeal. For more information, visit http://www.wcl.american.edu/facilities/appeal.cfm
      5. Public and Alternative Transportation

        Washington College of Law is committed to and encourages the use of alternate and public transportation when commuting to and from the law school. Regular shuttle service connects the law school with main campus, the Tenley Campus, and the Katzen and Nebraska Parking Lots. For a complete schedule of shuttle routes and services, please visit http://www.american.edu/finance/facilities/shuttle.cfm. For information on other public transportation and carpooling options, please visit http://www.american.edu/finance/publicsafety/parking/.

Parking Policy Agreement