*** Currently Under Development for Tenley Campus ***


In response to a pandemic event the AU Pandemic Preparedness Guidelines will be implemented as guidance for the continued operations of WCL as part of the AU Community. The plans goal is to protect the safety and well being of our students, faculty and staff and to insure the ability to continue the essential functions of the university.

Emergency Response Team –

The WCL Emergency Response Team will be activated to respond to emergency circumstances that require a prolonged closure of WCL facilities or disruptive events requiring immediate planning to ensure the safety of its community members and the continued business operations for WCL. A Command Post may be established in room 130 or in the Dean’s Suite.

Depending on the type of emergency and ability to remain in the WCL Building, the Emergency Response Team will use the WCL Residence or the 4910 offices to establish an off-site command post for its planning purposes.