*** Currently Under Development for Tenley Campus ***


Fire drills present an orderly, effective and safe evacuation of the building in the event of fire or other threats to the safety of the Washington College of Law community. To ensure effective evacuation, every occupant must comprehend and perform his or her own responsibilities.

Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Remain calm.
  • Assist persons in immediate danger to safety if it can be accomplished without risk of injury to you.
  • Students, faculty and staff requiring special assistance should assemble in the Areas of Rescue Assistance located in the elevator lobby on the second through sixth floor. These areas are identified by blue and white wheelchair accessible signs.
  • Do not attempt to collect personal items, i.e. books, laptops, etc. Please leave these items inside the room you were located.
  • Follow the directions of the designated evacuation volunteers and evacuate the building immediately.
  • Move at least one block away from the building in either direction ALONG the building side of Massachusetts Avenue. Proceed to the designated meeting locations: corner of Yuma and 48th and the Spring Valley Shopping Center where CVS is located.
  • Do not cross Massachusetts Avenue under any circumstances, unless instructed to do so by Emergency Evacuation Volunteers or the Security Staff.
  • If the building closes for an extended period of time call the WCL information line at (202) 274-4400 or the American University information line at (202) 885-1100. If the building remains closed the Emergency Response Staff will meet at 4910 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 16 to coordinate any further action required. Students, Faculty and Staff will be asked to move to designated WCL community collection points. (TBA)
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until instructed to do so.
  • During any emergency, in addtition to checking with "First Responder" authorities, you can also check with WCL Staff wearing red or green reflective vests for status information concerning the specific emergency in progress.