Faculty and Staff Parking Information

WCL Facilities has combined forces with AU Parking & Traffic and created a new online parking portal to manage your parking permit needs.
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Parking rates effective May 1, 2015 are the following:

  • Full time faculty and staff: $126 per month
  • Part time/temporary staff: $75 per month for 15 Occasional Parking Permits
  • Adjunct faculty: No charge to park in the Yuma garage; WCL garage parking is available at the hourly/daily rate

Since parking spaces are extremely limited in the Yuma and 4801 Mass Ave garage the following criteria was set up to accommodate new staff hires in 2001 and was updated most recently as of August 1, 2006 when parking at the Katzen Arts Center Garage became available. The following policies are in place to assure that those who already have WCL permits would continue to find a parking space and prevent over crowding of the present parking facilities.


  • The only option for part time and temporary staff is the Occasional Parking Permits which is vaild at the WCL garage and Fresh & Greens lot.


  • All full time faculty are allowed to purchase a parking permit for the Yuma Garage.
  • There are a limited amount of reserved spaces available for faculty use in the 4801 Mass. Ave. Garage until 5 pm.


  • A complimentary parking option is available for adjunct faculty in the Yuma Garage; WCL garage parking is available at the hourly/daily rate.

    It would be ideal if we could increase the parking spaces in our present facilities or obtain additional space next to our building. However being located in a primarily residential area, the possibilities are limited and the other commercial parking lots in the area are not available for our expansion.


  • All parking cancellations need to be done in writing and sent to facilityreq@wcl.american.edu. Please include Name, AU ID number, and date of cancellation.