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Emergency Response Plan

The WCL Emergency Response Plan is part of the overall American University and subordinate to the AU Plan in the event of a community wide emergency, disaster or general evacuation.Under such circumstances, the AU Emergency Management Procedures will take precedence and the WCL Response Team will follow the directives from the office of the AU President.

This Emergency Response Plan is predicated on a realistic approach to the problems likely to be encountered during a major emergency or disaster. Hence, the following assumptions are made and should be used as general guidelines in such an event.


Emergency Evacuation



Active Shooter

Emergency Quick Reference Guide

Members of the WCL Emergency Response Team:

Position Office Ext Cell Phone Home
Dean of Washington College of Law 202-274-4001   Completed List
Provided to
Department Supervisors
and Response Team
Assistant Dean Finance & Administration 202-274-4472
Associate Dean of Students 202-274-4052
Director Office of Technology 202-274-4185
Assistant Dean Academic Service & Registrar 202-274-4081
Director of Facilities 202-274-4013
WCL Security Desk Staff 202-274-4016
Building Engineer 202-274-4277