Searching the Externship Field Placement Database

Database Search

The Externship Program Field Placement Database contains listings from organizations that have requested a legal extern or intern from WCL or that have sponsored a law student through the Externship Program.

The database includes:

  • Government agencies-local, state, federal
  • Not-for-profit-organizations (including public interest organizations, lobbying groups, trade associations)
  • Courts and judicial institutions-including administrative tribunals, local, state and federal courts
  • Law firms that engage in pro bono projects

Simply because a field placement is listed in the database does not mean that it has been pre-approved. Students must request approval through the registration process. If there is any concern, you will receive an email in response to your "Request for Approval" asking that you contact the Externship Office. Students who plan to work for law firms engaged in pro bono work must speak with a member of the Externship Program staff, prior to requesting approval.

  • Students are not limited to selecting field placements from this database.
  • Students may use their own resources to find an externship.
  • Students may request assistance from the Externship Program.

Students interested in pursuing an externship or internship outside of the United States should contact the Externship Office for international listings.

The Externship Program attempts to provide accurate, current information, but some of the listings may be out-dated. If information is incorrect, please contact the Externship Program Assistant at 202-274-4200 or email the Externship Program Office at