Hotel Accommodation Information

Due to the high cost of hotels in the District of Columbia area, the NLLSA Conference Planning Committee has negotiated a deal with the Capitol Hilton of Washington D.C. where NLLSA Conference attendees will receive a discounted price. This discounted room rate for 3 nights and 4 days comes to a total $120 for the duration of the conference which calculates to $40 per student per night.

The Capital Hilton is centrally located in Washington, D.C. It is off the same metro line as WCL where the conference will take place and near all the major sites and landmarks of downtown Washington D.C. The Capital Hilton will also be the site of this year's NLLSA Conference Banquet and Keynote Dinner. For a more thorough perspective of the hotel, please feel free to visit its link below.

Please indicate your preference when you register online or on your registration form should you want the NLLSA Conference Planning Committee to book your room for you. Please note that the Planning Committee will be making the reservations and that conference attendees need only to select the Hotel Reservation option (calling the Capitol Hilton individually is not required). The Planning Committee will arrange for roommates and allotted a section on the registration form for attendees to list names of students with whom they would like to room.

Please note that we have only reserved rooms for 280 students. Upon reaching our limit, students will have to find other hotel accommodations. However, please feel free to contact anyone on the NLLSA Conference Planning Committee for help with this process.

Should you wish to book your own room, the office of tourism found on D.C.'s office website (link below) might be of benefit. Also, travel web agencies line Expedia or Orbitz might be useful as well.

Finally, should you wish for a hotel price comparison, please feel free read the below article that appeared in the Washington Post on May 20, 2005. Please note that the average cost of a hotel room in Washington D.C. $166.34 a night.

Washington Post Article