Teaching International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law is an exciting area of law to teach. It is a dynamic field that allows professors and students to engage in discussions of current issues and solutions, many of which will affect people globally.

Global environmental problems are real and urgent. Increasingly, it is necessary to look at environmental issues and the possible ways in which to curtail the problems and adapt to the effects of the changing environment. These global environmental problems ranging from climate change to pollution to overfishing to deforestation affect people on a global scale, and addressing these problems will require creative actions from a variety of disciplines, including law.

Below is a link to the textbook, International Environmental Law and Policy. The link for the textbook below provides useful teaching materials related to the textbook, including updated information, links to international treaties, and a teacher's manual.

International Environmental Law and Policy
by David Hunter, James Salzman & Durwood Zaelke

Currently in its Fourth Edition, International Environmental Law & Policy is a comprehensive textbook covering a broad-range of global environmental issues. By clicking on the above link, professors and students can access online resources related to international environmental law and the textbook itself.

To purchase International Environmental Law and Policy, please visit Foundation Press, here (for purchase by Faculty), or here.

An Introduction to International Environmental Law

Early in the Fall 2011 semester, Professor David Hunter gave a lecture at the School of International Service. The lecture provided an Introduction to International Environmental Law. You can watch the video here!