2013 Environmental Law Summer Session - Photo Gallery

During the Summer Session on Environmental Law, participants have many opportunities outside the classroom to interact with one another and with practitioners in Washington, DC. Below is a collection of photographs from the 2013 summer session. This website will be updated regularly throughout the summer session.

Additionally, you can find more photos by visiting our Flickr page.

Welcome Reception

On May 30, the Environmental Law Summer Session co-hosted a Welcome Reception with the Summer Session on International Commercial Arbitration to greet the participants! At left, Program Program Directors David Hunter (environmental law) and Horacio Naon (international commercial arbitration) discuss their opening remarks while participants from both programs mingle in the background.





At right, participants listen to opening remarks from Program Directors David Hunter and Horacio Naon.



At left, Professors Laurel Angell, David Hunter, and Amanda Leiter chat.


At right, participants Donna Minha (Israel) and Olivia Radics (Hungary) get to know one another.






Site Visits

Beveridge & Diamond

Paul Hagen ('90) welcomes participants in the International Insitutions and Environmental Protection seminar to Beveridge & Diamond, the largest solely environmental law firm.






At right, students listen to Paul discuss his work related to the Basel Convention and new issues arising related to e-waste.



Left: Participants enjoy lunch and conversation about life at a firm, advising clients, and the various international environmental law issues that Paul and his colleagues, including Russ Fraker who generously spent his time with us and discussed issues he works on related to e-waste especially in Latin America.




Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO) for the IFC & MIGA

The Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman is the independent recourse mechanism for the International Finance Corporation (the private sector lending arm of the World Bank) and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. The CAO receives complaints from project-affected communities and responds to them.

At right, Meg Taylor, the Vice President of the CAO, provides an overview of the office and the various functions that it serves.


Below: Members of the CAO explain the dispute resolution and the compliance functions of the office and how the two work.









Left and Below: Members of the International Institutions and Environmental Protection seminar listen to the CAO staff.











Above, right, and below: Summer Session participants take part in a simulation put together by the CAO to demonstrate how their office works.











Above: Maneka and Alessandra ask questions to a CAO staff member.

Left: David Hunter thanks other CAO staff members for welcoming us and their work in putting together the simulation exercise for our summer session participants.


World Bank Inspection Panel

The Inspection Panel is the independent accountability mechanism for the World Bank. Affected communities haev the opportunity to file complaints regarding projects funded by the World Bank and the Panel receives those claims and determines whether to investigate and when necessary conducts an investigation and issues recommendations.

Left: Mishka, a member of the Panel Secretariat welcomes the summer session participants to the World Bank.


Right: Participants listen to Mishka explain how the Panel operates.

Below: Tatiana, a WCL alumnae, explains one of the Panel's cases.







The U.S. Department of State


For their fourth site visit, the seminar visited the U.S. Department of State where they met with Kelly Rain Dodge ('07), who works on international chemicals treaties.

At right: Kelly introduces herself and what she does at the State Department.


Left: Students listen intently to Kelly's descriptions of what it's like to negotiate with other countries and within the U.S. government to reach consensus on an issue.




Right: Kelly listens to a question from a student alongside other participants and Professor David Hunter.





Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

Finally, participants got to visit an environmental NGO. CIEL is a small NGO of lawyers who work to protect the environment and human rights.

Left: Niranjali Amerasinghe, Director of CIEL's Climate Change and Energy Program, welcomes participants to CIEL and begins to explain how they work and the various issues they work on.



Right: Ali Silverman, an attorney in the climate change program, explains her work with communities in Honduras.






Left: Participants listen to Nira discuss her work in the international climate negotiations while David Hunter and Steve Porter, another Summer Session professor, listen on as well.


United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office of North America (UNEP RONA)

UNEP RONA is one of the regional offices for UNEP and represents the United States and Canada.

At right: Amy Fraenkel, Director of UNEP RONA, explains the history of UNEP, what they do, and what the future holds post Rio+20 and calls to strengthen UNEP.




Left and Below: Participants listen to Amy describe UNEP.






Certificate Ceremony

Upon conclusion of the Summer Session on Environmental Law, participants received certificates during a closing lunch and ceremony.









Above and Right: David Hunter gives certificates to Laofang and Bach, two lawyers from Southeast Asia who came with the assistance of EarthRights International.



Left: Danielle, who returned to WCL after participating in the finals of the North America Regional of the Stetson International Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, receives her certificate.







Right: Maneka receives her certificate.






Left: Beatriz receives her certificate.





At right and left: Donna and Nada, who plan to get their LL.Ms at WCL receive their certificates.








Right and left: Alessandra, a Panamanian lawyer, and Olivia, a Hungarian lawyer, receive their certificates.















Above: Mihoko, who is a lawyer at Japan's Ministry of Environment, receives her certificate.

Left: Bocar receives his certificate.


Participants Celebrate the Conclusion of the Summer Session and Pose with their Certificates!


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