Welcome Information

Welcome to the Environmental Law Summer Session at American University Washington College of Law (WCL)!

The 2017 Summer Program will be held in our new building (Tenley Campus) which is located a block from the Tenleytown Metro Station at 4300 Nebraska Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20016.

Below is information that you may find useful when planning your trip to and stay in Washington, DC during the 2017 Environmental Law Summer Session. There is information about how to get to the law school, class materials, technological facilities, and other information that may be useful. More detailed information can be found in the Welcome Guide. This website will be updated as the summer session approaches.

Summer Program Office

The 2017 Summer Program Office is located in Room Y360S, which is in the Yuma Building on the Third Floor in Suite 360 (the International Suite). The International Suite is located at the top of the visible stairs and near the elevators. Guarina Lopez-Davis, who can answer all of the questions you may have about the Summer Session and all things related to it, can be found there or by email: guarina@wcl.american.edu or phone: 202-656-1267.

WCL now has three buildings (Warren, Yuma, and Capital), to see where Room Y360S is, please consult the Tenley Campus Floorplans!

Please note that May 29 is a holiday (Memorial Day) in the US, therefore the law school is closed. If you arrive over the weekend, we encourage you to explore Washington, DC.

Seminar Materials

Seminar materials will be available electronically. To save paper and trees, seminar materials for the Environmental Law Summer Session are not going to be printed out. All materials will be posted online (either MyWCL or Dropbox) or emailed to you. Alternatively, you can bring a flash drive and we can put materials on it. If this is a problem or if you have questions about seminar materials, please send an email to summerenvironment@wcl.american.edu.

Non-WCL Students can email Guarina for their seminar materials or come to see her in the Environmental Law Summer Session Office.

Getting to WCL


There are three main airports in the DC area:

  • Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA): This is the closest airport to WCL and it is the only one with its own metro stop. Metro will cost less than $6 to travel from DCA to WCL (Tenleytown/AU Metro stop). Also, you can take a taxi to WCL for approximately $35.00. Super Shuttle shared ride is $18.00.
  • Dulles International Airport (IAD): Taxi to WCL will cost approximately $70.00. Supershuttle shared ride will cost $29.00 per person to WCL.
  • Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI): An Amtrak train goes from BWI to Washington, DC’s Union Station and prices range from approximately $11.00-$40.00. Super Shuttle shared ride is $37.00 to WCL.

If you are not taking the Metro or an Amtrak train to get from the airport to your destination, the lowest cost option is likely Super Shuttle, which is a shared van service. You can look for a Super Shuttle desk at the airport or reserve your Super Shuttle bus online in advance. If you take a taxi, prices will start approximately at $30 from Reagan National Airport, $80 from IAD, and $90 from BWI.

Maps and Directions

The Washington College of Law has recently moved and is now located at 4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW. This is in the upper northwest section of Washington, D.C. Also, please note that this is about five city blocks north from the main American University campus (straight up Nebraska Avenue).

The following are useful Maps of the WCL area:

Additionally, you can find directions to WCL here.

The Metro System

The DC Metro system is very clean and efficient. Additionally, the Metro employees are used to helping Washington visitors. Metro's website www.wmata.com is very useful, and has bus and train schedules, bus and train route maps, hours of operation, information about the next metro arrival at each station, etc.

WCL and American University are located in Tenleytown and the closest Metro stop is Tenleytown/AU (also called Tenley Circle) on the Red Line. WCL is located two blocks from the Tenleytown/AU metro station (approximately a 5-10 minute walk) from the Tenleytown Metro station. Upon exiting the station, walk East down Wisconsin Avenue and turn right at Tenley Circle. Here are walking directions from the metro station. Additionally, there is a WCL shuttle that you can take from the metro station, see below for detailed instructions).

Regular Metrorail fare during peak periods (weekdays: opening to 9:30 am and 3-7pm; weekends: 2 am-closing) is between $2.15 and $5.90. Reduced fares are in place at all other times and are between $1.75 and $3.60. Additionally, there is now a paper farecard surcharge of $1.00.  Farecard machines are located in every station and small bills are recommended.  There are no change machines in stations and farecard machines provide only up to $5 in change (in coins). You may purchase a SmarTrip card for reduced rates and easy reloading.  SmarTrip cards are $5.00 and can be purchased online at www.wmata.com and come with $25 loaded for travel, or may be purchased in several Metro stations and may be reloaded at any metro stop. Having a SmarTrip card will mean that you do not have to pay the $1.00 paper farecard surcharge for every trip you take, thus saving you money.

Numerous buses serve the Tenleytown area and you can see which bus would be best for you by consulting the WMATA website. The N3, N4, N6, and several 30 bus lines have stops in front of or a block from the law school. Metrobus fares are $1.75 for regular buses and $4.00 for express buses. Bus drivers do not carry money.  Please have your SmarTrip card, transfer, or exact fare ready when you board. Additionally, you can transfer from the Metrorail to the Metrobus for free using your SmarTrip card.

Shuttle from the Metro to WCL

From the Tenleytown/AU Metro stop you can also take the American University Shuttle for trips between Tenleytown, WCL and main campus. Board the AU shuttle at Tenleytown Metro stop. Tenley Campus is the 1st shuttle stop. Enter through the Warren Building pedestrian entrance located directly in front of the AU shuttle stop. See the shuttle tracker for live bus information, or the shuttle schedule for operating hours and frequency. For more information please call (202) 885-3302.

For those staying in the AU dorms (Cassell Hall), the Shuttle bus (Blue or White Route) picks up at a variety of locations on main campus and will take you to WCL. Additionally, the Shuttle bus (Red Route) will has a stop on Massachusetts Ave NW by Katzen Art Center (near Cassell Hall). Shuttle bus information is available at 202-885-3111 or at www.wcl.american.edu/shuttle.cfm#metro. Additionally, you can find the shuttle schedule for the summer here: http://american.edu/finance/facilities/shuttle.cfm.


The Washington College of Law campus is located one block (0.3 miles) east of the Tenleytown-AU Metro station. From the Metro station, walk east on Wisconsin Avenue one block to Tenley Circle, turn right onto Tenley Circle, and right again at Nebraska Ave. The pedestrian entrance will be on the right. Enter through the Warren Building entrance. View the map.


Parking is available at 4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW. You may park your vehicles in the WCL garage without a permit, paying a daily fee. Alternatively, you can purchase a permit for $60 for 3 weeks. Permits may be purchased in the Facilities Management Office, room YT05, which is on the Terrace level of the Yuma building. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the parking policy, please contact the Facilities Management Office at 202-274-4008.


When using a taxi service be sure to instruct the driver to take you to 4300 Nebraska Avenue NW, rather than just to American University. The Washington College of Law is not located on the main AU campus, but rather the Tenley campus. If you need a taxicab, please call: Diamond Cab: 202-387-6200 or Yellow Cab: 202-544-1212.

Uber is also popular in DC. This service provides rides for a similar price or less than taxicabs. To use Uber, download the Uber application onto your mobile smart phones, create a profile to attach your credit card details. Uber is very convenient, but requires a smartphone with internet access to order the ride. The Uber Pool option is very affordable way to get around if you are not in a rush.

Services at WCL

Food at and around WCL

There are numerous restaurants in the Tenleytown area and around DC, below is a few that are in the area immediately surrounding the law school. More information about local restaurants can be found in the Welcome Guide.

WCL Cafeteria
On the first floor of the Yuma Building, there is a cafeteria. It has snacks, coffee, a salad bar, a grill, pizza, sandwiches, etc. During the Summer Session, the cafeteria will be open Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm.

WCL Atrium Cafe
In the Capital Hall Atrium, there is a cafe that serves coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. During the Summer Session, the Atrium Cafe will be open Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm.

Pence Law Library

The Pence Law Library is located in the Warren Building. The Law Library is open to the general public. Library hours during the Environmental Law Summer Session can be found on the Pence Law Library website: http://library.wcl.american.edu/hours.cfm.

The Pence Law Library website is also an excellent way to search for legal materials. To start a search for books and periodicals, go to http://library.wcl.american.edu and on that page you can do a quick search in Leagle or click on the "Leagle, Library Catalog" link, which will take you to the library catalog. The catalog identifies all of the materials housed in the library, as well as electronic resources that can be used within the library.

Many periodicals, including law reviews, bar journals, and newsletters, are available through HeinOnline, a full-text electronic database available on the Pence Law Library website, which can be accessed by clicking on "Research Tools.” HeinOnline, also has many indexes to legal periodicals. Links to all available research databases are located under “Information Resources, A to Z” or “Information Resources by Topic.” These links offer non-legal or more specified research tools. To access these resources from the Pence Law Library webpage, you must be connected to the WCL network, either in the law school or via remote access using your my.american.edu password.

Professional reference assistance is available in the main reading room on the first floor of the Library. During the summer, reference assistance is available daily from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. During the academic year, reference service is available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday; 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Reference librarians are also available to faculty and students for research consultations by appointment. You may contact a reference librarian at reflib@wcl.american.edu or by telephone at 202-274-4352.

To make copies of publications in the Library, self-service photocopiers are located on both floors of the Library, and photocopy machines for microform are located in the Reserve Room on the first floor. All Library photocopiers require the use of a copy card. You can purchase a copy card at one of the "Card Value Centers" for $1 in one of the Library's copy rooms. Please note that there are no facilities available for making change from coins or bills. There are several banks and local businesses in the immediate area of the Law School that might assist you

Wireless Network Access

WCL has wireless internet in all of its classrooms. You will be able to log-on to the WCL network using your AU user name and password. If you are using your own laptop throughout the Summer Session and do not have an AU log-in, please use the wireless network named wcl-guest. The username and password will be provided on arrival.

If you have any questions, please contact summerenvironment@wcl.american.edu or the Office of Technology.


The weather in Washington, DC in late May and June tends to be hot and humid. Temperatures range from 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (26 to 38 degrees Celsius). There are often thunderstorms as well in the middle of the day, so having an umbrella or raincoat will likely be useful.


Dress for classes at the university is generally casual. Jeans, skirts, shorts, athletic shoes, and sandals are all acceptable for both men and women. If you are participating in site visits as part of a seminar you are taking (namely International Institutions and Environmental Protection) or because you want to, you should wear business casual attire.

Important American University Policies

Sexual Assault/Harassment:

American University does not tolerate sexual misconduct of any kind, in any context. Intimidating or forcing a person into sexual activity violates American University’s stated values and policies and is punishable with severe sanctions. Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to, rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Incidents will be reported to the University as well as local authorities. Various campus groups and offices are available for counseling and support.

Failure to abide by these rules could result in dismissal from the Program and/or complications with the law.

Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Policy
This policy prohibits the use of tobacco products and medical marijuana on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled or operated by the University including campus owned, leased or rented vehicles. The policy applies to faculty, staff, students, vendors, guests, and contractors. Tobacco is defined as all tobacco-derived or containing products, including, but not limited to, cigarettes (clove, bidis, kreteks), electronic cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookah-smoked products, and oral tobacco (spit and spitless, smokeless, chew, snuff).

Alcohol/Drug Policy:

American University community members uphold university policies and abide by local, state, and federal laws pertaining to alcohol and other drugs. Individuals accept personal responsibility for the outcome of their decisions. Consumption or possession of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited in university residence halls. A participant that violates this rule will not only face immediate expulsion from the program but will also be charged for misconduct with the University and the local authorities.