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Environmental law is a dynamic, exciting, and very challenging field. Issues ranging from climate change to species loss to protecting mountains, air, and streams are increasingly pressing, and require new and innovative law and policy decisions to ensure the protection of the world and its people. The Washington College of Law provides students pursuing their J.D., LL.M, and S.J.D. degrees with a comprehensive and diverse array of environmental law courses covering these and other issues from both international and domestic perspectives.

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Course Planning Advice

Wondering what courses you should take if you want to be an Environmental Lawyer? WCL Faculty members have some advice. Here are their different perspectives on navigating the curriculum at WCL and what courses you may want to take if you are planning on a career in environmental law:

Also, check out the new WCL Pathways Through the Curriculum project! The faculty has provided suggested pathways through the curriculum highlighting the courses that they think are helpful for pursuing a career in environmental and energy law. Check them out:


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Degree Curricula

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