Environmental Law Faculty: Research Areas

The faculty at WCL has a wide-ranging area of interest as it relates to environmental law and topics related to environmental law. Below is a list of environmental law faculty and their areas of expertise and interest. If you have a question about a specific area related to environmental law or are writing a research paper, please consult the list below to see what professor may best be able to help you. Please note that these lists are meant to be a snapshot and may not be comprehensive. Also, professors availability to assist on research projects and papers will vary by semester.

David Hunter

Research areas: international environmental law, comparative environmental law, international human rights law
Organizations: Center for International Environmental Law, Bank Information Center, EarthRights International, Project on Government Oversight, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide-US, Center for Progressive Reform

Amanda Leiter

Research Areas: Clean Air Litigation, Administrative Law of the Environment
Organizations: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), American Rivers, Department of Justice: Environment and Natural Resources Division

Bill Snape

Research Areas: biodiversity, climate change, environmental litigation, climate change litigation, trade & environment
Organizations: Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife

Heather Hughes

Research Areas: environment and finance; property law; and green business

Jorge Contreras

Research Areas: green technology, intellectual property
Organization Connections: standardization bodies such as SGIP, NIST, ANSI, ASTM and UL-E (working on environmental/sustainability/smart grid standards)

Ezra Rosser

Research Areas: American Indian Law; Offsetting and Consumption
Organizations: Navajo EPA

Lindsey Wiley

Research Areas: Public Health Law