In December 2010, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held its Fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-15) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Six WCL students along with Program Coordinator Erika Lennon and Professor David Hunter attended COP-15. While there, they supported the work of the Climate Law & Policy Project and the Center for International Environmental Law.



Left: WCL Student, Skye Bougsty-Marshall, following a plenary meeting.


Right: Nira, CIEL Attorney, and Erika Lennon at the reception for NGOs at the beginning of COP-15.





Left: Conference attendees and other citizens gather at a square in Copenhagen.








A bustling Bella Center, the location of COP-15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, was filled with thousands of governmental, non-governmental organization, and intergovernmental organization representatives.







WCL Students are ready for the meeting to start.



WCL representatives at COP15 in Copenhagen.

Left: Program Coordinator Erika Lennon

Right: Skye Bougsty-Marshall ('10), Blake Mensing ('10), and Addie Haughey ('10)







WCL Students hard at work during COP15.

Left: Rachel Kirby ('10)







Right: Addie Haughey ('10) listens to the translation of what is being said by a delegate.


Left: WCL students await drafts of the new text to be negotiated in the middle of the night at COP15 in Copenhagen.








Above: Winfield Wilson and Erika Lennon with Adriana from the Organization of American States. (Photo Credit: Winfield Wilson)

Outside of the official COP15 conference center, organizations set up centers and displays related to climate change

Left: Program Coordinator Erika Lennon poses with a melting ice sculpture of a polar bear.

Right: Candles at the alternative NGO Forum. (Photo credit: Winfield Wilson)









(Photo Credit: Winfield Wilson)

Right: Program Coordinator Erika Lennon, Professor David Hunter, and WCL Students Addie Haughery ('10), Blake Mensing ('10), and Rachel Kirby ('10) in Copenhagen for COP-15.

Getting around Copenhagen to and from the conference, WCL participants walked, biked, and rode the trains.

(Photo Credit: Rachel Kirby)