JD Curriculum

Our faculty has developed a rich and diverse selection of courses in both domestic and international environmental law to facilitate these studies. Additionally, WCL has an accomplished faculty, which includes adjunct practitioners currently working on a variety of environmental issues both domestically and internationally. The following information is provided for the purpose of helping current and prospective students optimize their course selections over their second and third year. The Summer Session on Environmental Law provides students with the opportunity to engage in an intensive three-week period with nine different courses offered.

While there is no specific environmental law curriculum, students who wish to pursue a career in environmental law should take the following courses during their second and third years:

  • Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Environmental Externship
  • Administrative Law

Those courses provide a comprehensive overview of both domestic and international environmental law, and the environmental advocacy seminar provides practical experience. The other courses chosen should be based on each individual student's interest. There are numerous courses in both international and domestic environmental law that cover a wide range of issues including climate change, natural resource use, comparative environmental law, hazardous waste management, and conservation of biological diversity, amongst others. Additionally, there are practice based classes, such as environmental litigation.