International Trade
1999 Developments

12/11/99 Economist articles on Seattle fall-out
11/29/99 Follow daily NGO events at Seattle WTO Ministerial
11/19/99 Environmental NGOs from Canada, Mexico and U.S. file Article 14 submission under NAAEC U.S. failure to effectively enforce Section 703 of the Migratory Bird Treaty
11/17/99 Bill Clinton issues executive order requiring assessment and review of the potential environmental impact of major trade agreements 
10/05/99 Protests against GMOs by foreign governments and consumers spread to U.S. bringing threats of a global trade war
09/14/99 Forest advocates urge dropping plan on liberalized trade in forest products at WTO summit in Seattle
08/99 French take their revenge with �50 Coca-Cola
07/99 Codex Alimentarius Commission issues report on its 23rd session in Rome
07/29/99 European Commission issues results of WTO arbitration on EU-US beef hormones dispute
06/99 G-8 invites OECD to undertake study of implications of biotechnology, food safety in light of trade issues
06/28/99 International Chamber of Commerce issues policy statement on TRIPS and the Biodiversity Convention
06/24/99 Investment Rules of NAFTA are used to attack California environmental law on clean water
06/22/99 IISD report concludes NAFTA investor-state provisions pose threat to environmental protection
06/15/99 Methanex files notice of intent under NAFTA for MTBE ban in California
06/14/99 Orgalime stresses problems companies may face due to European directive on electronic equipment take-back
02/99 EUROPEN submits observations in advance of review of targets contained in EU Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste