Chapter Three: Economics and Sustainable Development

I. Introduction

International Institute for Sustainable Development - an extensive directory of information on sustainable development and economic issues

  United Nations Development Programme - assists countries in achieving sustainable human development by carrying out programs to eliminate poverty through employment creation, the empowerment of women, and environmental protection

United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development - reviews progress at the international, regional and national levels in the implementation of recommendations and commitments contained in the final documents of the UNCED; elaborates policy guidance and options for future activities to follow up UNCED and achieve sustainable development; and promotes dialogue and builds partnerships for sustainable development with governments, the international community and key actors outside the central government

NGOs and CSD-6 - provides information on NGOs and the Six Year Review of the CSD

High-level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development - provides links to reports of High-level Advisory Board on its sessions and Report of the Secretary-General on Formation of the Board

General Assembly & ECOSOC Enabling Documents - provides links to the Implementation of UNCED Decisions & Recommendations, Institutional Follow-up to UNCED, Rules of Procedure for the CSD, Establishment of the CSD, High Level Advisory Board, List of NGOs for CSD Accreditation, Interregional Cooperation on Agenda 21, Establishment of the CSD, Procedural Arrangements for the CSD, and Accreditation of NGOs to CSD

Earth Negotiations Bulletin Issue Index - supplies information for environment and development policy makers, lists ENB reports and related links

Sustainable Development International - providing information and knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development and environmental issues through cross-media platforms

II. Economics and Environmental Protection
    A. Public Goods and the Tragedy of the (Mis-managed) Commons
Global Commons Institute - based in the UK, aims to protect the Global Commons, which may be driven beyond the threshold of ecological stability by the pursuit of economic growth
    B. Externalities
Blueprint for a 'Green' economy? - Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), based in New Delhi, assesses the effects on energy and sustainable development of India's 1999/2000 budget
    C. Policy Options for Internalizing External Environmental Costs
New Economics Foundation - an NGO promoting practical and creative approaches for a just and sustainable economy. The Foundation hosts "The Other Economic Summit," an alternative to the G-7 summit that focuses on environmental and equity issues

Association of Environmental and Resource Economics - established as means of exchanging ideas, stimulating research, and promoting graduate training in resource and environmental economics

The Van Lennep Programme on Economics and Sustainable Development - develops sustainable development criteria with reference to principles of economic sustainability, eliminates market distortions, and relates cost-effectiveness to energy efficiency

1. Command and Control Regulations

Environmental Regulation and Development: Cross-Country Empirical Analysis - considers the state of policy and performance in four environmental dimensions and analyzes the apparent state of policy as it affects the interactions between these environmental dimensions and five activity categories

2. Property Rights

Property Rights and the Public Good - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation public radio's IDEAS programme discusses traditional property rights and development issues

3. Tradable Permits

Tradable Emission Permits and the Ethics of Global Atmospheric Pollution - includes a bibliography of relevant sources as well as links to complete articles

4. Taxes and Other Economic Instruments

Tax Waste Not Work - Professor Paul Krugman explains "green taxes"

5. Subsidies

New Report Finds that Government Subsidies to Many Sectors are Damaging the Environment and Undermining Sustainable Development - a study conducted by the Dutch Institute for Research on Public Expenditure concludes that many subsidies encourage development that is unsustainable in environmental and economic terms

6. Liability Regimes and Insurance

Risk Prediction Initiative - a research and educational program of the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, which facilitates a working relationship between climate scientists and businesses that can benefit from climate-related information and predictions

7. Instrument Choices

    D. Problems of Valuation
Calculating the Cost of Natural Resource Damage - an Environmental Science &Technology article analyzing natural resources damage assessments conducted by U.S. federal and state officials

Ecosystem Valuation - a website for non-economists explaining different methods for valuing ecosystems

III. Measuring the Economy: Redefining Progress
Redefining Progress, the Genuine Progress Indicator - NGO dedicated to stimulating public discourse on the type of future Americans desire, and how to achieve it. Their proposal to alternative to GDP known as GPI, the Genuine Progress Indicator
IV. Reconceiving Economics and Ecology: Ecological Economics
    A. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Societies
International Society for Ecological Economics - encourages the integration of economics and ecology into a transdiscipline aimed at developing a sustainable world
    B. Environmental Sustainability

Abstract of the Book Factor Four: Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use - advances the idea that resource productivity can and should grow fourfold, thereby quadrupling the amount of wealth extracted from one unit of natural resources

Environmental Sustainability and the Redesign of Agroecosystems - an Ecological Agriculture Projects publication, arguing for environmental sustainability, discussing what this implies for the design of national and local food systems, and suggesting what must be done to implement such sustainable systems

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) - works to alleviate poverty and hunger by promoting sustainable agriculture, improved nutrition and rural development

'Green Building' Enhances Environmental Sustainability - Korea Times article reporting on architect Kim Jong-jin who emphasizes a "green" approach to architectural design to enhance environmental sustainability

C. Community vs. Globalization

Consortium for Development of the Andean Ecoregion (CONDESAN) - perfoms joint actions in research, training, development, and propose policy actions to promote the socio-economic progress, towards the equity and welfare of the population in the andean ecoregion