Sustainable Development
2000 Developments

12/11/00 Johannesburg to hold the Meeting of the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Rio+10 in 2002
12/11/00 EC discusses with NGOs its pledge to provide monetary assistance to Central and Eastern European countries slated to join the EU in conforming with its environmental and transportation laws
11/20/00 Chiquita Banana agrees to participate in environmental certification program monitored by the Rainforest Alliance
11/16/00 Religious leaders from world's 12 major faiths journey to Nepal for conservation conference
10/26/00 UNEP opens North American Office
09/13/00 Greenpeace gives Olympic organizers in Sydney modest praise for their environmental efforts
08/29/00 International agreement recently adopted to develop uniform regulations on motor vehicle emissions
07/03/00 Summary of the 24th Special Session of the UN General Assembly, negotiating and adopting a document on social development by focusing on poverty, unemployment and social disintegration
06/27/00 France proposes the establishment of an international environmental organization but faces criticism from its citizens and the European Union on its domestic environmental efforts
06/15/00 Ski resorts embrace environmental stewardship, calling for conservation of alpine ecosystems in their new charter
06/15/00 U.S. ski industry introduces the Sustainable Slopes charter to provide environmental guidelines for both skiers and ski resorts
06/13/00 Summary of the 23rd Special Session of the General Assembly (BEIJING+5), developing initiatives on empowering women on issues such as human rights, environment, and poverty
06/02/00 Report of the Global Ministerial Environment Forum and Sixth Special Session of the UNEP Governing Council, focusing on the need to match commitments with action, the role of UNEP in international environmental politics, and concerns about how to make Rio+10 a "real" success
04/17/00 Summary of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) for the 24th Special Session of the General Assembly, "World Summit for Social Development and Beyond: Achieving social development for all in a globalizing world," negotiating proposals for a draft political declaration and for a plan to implement commitments made at the 1995 Social Summit 
03/20/00 Summary of the 44th session of the Commission on the Status of Women discusses achievements and obstacles in the implementation of the Platform for Action (PFA) and the Beijing Declaration
03/13/00 Summary of the Ad Hoc Open-Ended Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Energy and Sustainable Development discusses accessibility to energy as well as financial resources to support developing countries' sustainable energy practices
03/06/00 Summary of the CSD Intersessional Ad Hoc Working Group on Integrated Planning and Management of Land held February 28-March 3 in New York raising issues such as land resources, agriculture and trade
02/23/00 Environmental lobbyists skeptical that organizers will meet green commitments in holding the first green Olympic Games in Sydney
02/01/00 World Wide Fund for Nature reports that green businesses are more successful than those that do not benefit the environment
02/01/00 Meeting of the World Economic Forum launches a pilot environmental sustainability index and Pilot ESI report
01/31/00 Report of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum on the Pilot Environmental Sustainability Index
01/31/00 European, American and intergovernmental agencies launch the development of a global multilingual environmental thesaurus
01/31/00 IISD summary of recent international environmental meetings, upcoming meetings, and publications