Marine Pollution
2000 Developments

12/29/00 Chilean government and Greenpeace object to use of Cape Horne route for nuclear waste ship, carrying legally permitted cargo
12/22/00 European Commission pursues imposition of heavy fines against the UK and Germany for environmental and water quality law violations in bathing areas
12/07/00 Spain informally requests that the UK remove a damaged nuclear submarine in Gibraltar, fearing nuclear contamination if repairs are done in the area
12/06/00 European Commission proposes the creation of a European maritime safety agency among other measures to respond to recent oil and chemical spills
10/31/00 Italian tanker with 6,000 tons of toxic chemicals sinks in English Channel
10/02/00 International Maritime Organization may support a treaty that would ban an anti-fouling ship paint found to be toxic
09/05/00 Paint used to protect ships from algae and barnacles in the Mediterranean Sea found to be harmful to human health
06/29/00 European intergovernmental organization OSPAR regulating marine pollution adopts a resolution that would end the releasing of nuclear reprocessing and radioactive waste into the sea
06/23/00 The UK publishes its own strategy on eliminating nuclear reprocessing discharge to meet OSPAR requirements
04/18/00 Toxic waste containing PCBs from a U.S. military base arrived in Japan, causing protests by environmentalists and concerns by members of the government
04/07/00 In an effort to improve commercial shipping safety, European Union Transport Commissioner proposes single hulled oil tankers to be banned from EU waters by 2015