Living Marine Resources - 2001 Developments

11/28/01 Global Fish Catch Decreasing by Nearly 800 Million Pounds per Year, Scientists Report
10/22/01 Australia Tourism Operators Prepare for Coral Bleaching
10/11/01 Sustainable Fishing Act Failing to Protect Fish
09/25/01 Fish Farming Harming Alaska's Fishing Industry
09/14/01 Salmon Protections Threatened by Court Ruling
09/13/01 Pollutants Overloading Great Barrier Reef
09/13/01 Fish Near Kuwait Wiped Out
09/10/01 Alaskans Startled by Glowing Salmon
04/19/01 Japan, Australia, New Zealand agree to increase tuna catch
04/17/01 Australia seizes Togo-flagged ship for poaching
04/03/01 Mexico pledges to tighten tuna fishing regulations
03/29/01 WWF, France, Italy and Monaco creates a whale sanctuary
03/22/01 European Union plans radical overhaul of fishing policy
03/02/01 Governments agree to participate in voluntary plan to combat illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing
02/21/01 New study shows that fish farming increasingly puts oceans and aquaculture sector at risk
02/14/01 Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization issues report, warning the world's capture fisheries production has reached its maximum
02/08/01 International Whaling Commission considers the recommencement of commercial whaling despite a 15 year moratorium
01/18/01 Norway resumes exportation of whale meat despite global whaling moratorium and whale meat trade ban
01/03/01 South African government responds with emergency measures to rebuild plummeting species of fish