Living Marine Resources
2000 Developments

12/14/00 15 EU fisheries ministers meet in Brussels to debate political position on maintaining the livelihood of commercial fishermen while preventing the extinction of certain stocks of fish
11/22/00 ICCAT bans import of bigeye tuna from five flag of convenience nations
11/22/00 Galapagos lobster fishermen angry over new catch limits vandalize the Charles Darwin Research Station
11/17/00 Norwegian Environment Department halts plan to kill 80 seals and 90 seabirds in Antarctica to study their livers for the presence of pollutants
11/15/00 Removal of hunting limits on narwhal leads to unprecedented catch
11/15/00 Clinton puts trade embargo against Japan whale hunting on hold
10/03/00 Wildlife trade monitoring program warns that Asian freshwater turtles and reptiles are increasingly becoming endangered due to habitat loss and trade
09/20/00 President Cardoso of Brazil announces the creation of the country's first whale sanctuary as part of an Environmental Protection Area
09/19/00 Japanese whaling ships return with 88 whales killed in the Pacific as part of a "scientific research" program
09/13/00 President Clinton imposes prohibition of Japanese fishing in U.S. waters to protest against Japan's violations of international whaling rules
09/06/00 U.S. and other nations agree to create a commission to regulate tuna fishing in the Pacific despite Japanese threats to boycott conservation efforts under the agreement
08/31/00 U.S. boycotts fisheries consultation meeting with Japan in protest of Japan's continued hunting of U.S.-protected whales
08/22/00 International Fund for Animal Welfare releases global report on the economic boom of whale watching, $1 billion and growing
07/31/00 Japan announces increased "scientific hunting" to collect data on habitat, diet, and migration patterns of whales, despite international protest
07/06/00 Recent IWC meeting finds nations split over how to best curtail global whaling while Norway and Japan introduce purportedly legal measures to increase hunting
07/04/00 IWC's scientific committee issues new report finding significant reduction in minke whale populations in the Southern hemisphere caused by marine pollution and climate change
06/20/00 Recent agreement legally binds Caribbean countries to individually and cooperatively protect, develop and manage common coastal and marine resources
06/16/00 Conservationists allege that damaging federally designated fish habitat in American marine sanctuaries is illegal, commercial fishing and National Marine Fisheries Service officials claim otherwise
06/07/00 Japan introduces plan to hunt for larger whales in an effort to reduce competition for fish, environmental groups protest in response
05/26/00 Newly passed international law governing nine Caribbean countries provides for increased coordination and conservation of marine biodiversity in the region
05/26/00 Presidential plan proposes the establishment of a nationwide marine conservation system by executive order
04/26/00 Scientists assert that bleaching events in Fiji indicate that warmer sea surface temperatures are accelerating global coral reef destruction
03/27/00 Strong ocean tides causing natural increases in temperature coupled with greenhouse effect accelerate global warming
03/16/00 International Fund for Animal Welfare and Greenpeace survey concludes that contrary to popular opinion, most Japanese do not support commercial whaling
03/10/00 Proposed legislation addresses money lost due to fisheries mismanagement, empowers the National Marine Fisheries Service over other federal agencies in protecting fish habitat
03/06/00 Marine Stewardship Council awards first products under certification program, promoting sustainable use of natural resources
03/03/00 U.S. Coral Reef Task Force introduces National Action Plan to allocate 20 percent of coral reefs in U.S. waters as ecological reserves and asks for increase in coral reef conservation spending by $14 million a year
03/03/00 Mexican government cancels plans to build the world's largest saltworks in Mexico's largest wildlife sanctuary; conservation groups celebrate
01/26/00 Japan and New Zealand argue over Japan's whaling program in the Antarctic