Recent Developments - Living Marine Resources

11/17/02 Protected Whales Make Big Comeback
10/30/02 Longline Fishing Banned Off U.S. Pacific Coast
10/28/02 Cod Fishing Ban Proposed for E.U.
10/04/02 Norwegian Whalers Catch Record 634 Whales in '02
09/27/02 New Disease Threatens Great Barrier Reef
08/14/02 Lawsuit Seeks Protection of arine Mammals
07/30/02 Large Pod of Whales Die on Austrialian Coast
07/17/02 U.S. Navy to Proceed with Harmful Sonar Blasts
07/15/02 Overfishing Concealed by Fish Laundering
06/28/02 Efforts to Save Grey Nurse Shark in Australia
06/28/02 Icelandic Whales Worth More Alive than Dead
05/03/02 Alaska Worried About Expanded Canadian Fish Farming
05/02/02 Fisheries Report Offers Dim Forecast with Bright Spots
04/26/02 Longlining Moratorium Could Save Pacific Leatherbacks
04/26/02 Japan Pushes for Restart of Worldwide Whaling
04/04/02 Apathy Leads to Declining Shark Conservation
04/03/02 Farmed Salmon Escape Endangering Wild Cousin
04/02/02 Warmer Water Changing Portugal Fish Species
03/22/02 North Sea States Urge Halt to Fish Plundering
03/19/02 Scientists Call for Trawler Ban
03/11/02 Some Salmon to Lose Habitat Protection
03/01/02 Japan to Hunt Endangered Sea Whales
02/18/02 Cuban Dolphin Sales Investigated by U.S.
02/13/02 Key Indicator Species Disappearing from Global Seas
02/04/02 Costa Rica Protects Sea Turtles Over Illegal Fishers
02/04/02 Fight Over Fish Farms on Canadian Pacific Coast
02/01/02 Greece Found to be Late in Protecting Turtles
01/30/02 U.S. Sued In Effort to Save Sharks