I. The Creation and Development of International Environmental Law

Chapter One. The Wild Environmental Facts

Chapter Two. The Root Causes

Chapter Three. Economics and Sustainable Development

Chapter Four. A Brief History From Stockholm to Rio

Chapter Five. International Institutions and Non-State Actors

Chapter Six. International Environmental Lawmaking

Chapter Seven. Principles and Concepts in International Environmental Law

Chapter Eight. Making International Environmental Law Work: Improving Compliance and Resolving Disputes

II. International Environmental Protection

Chapter Nine. The Law of Air and Atmosphere

Chapter Ten. Oceans and Seas

Chapter Eleven. Freshwater Resources

Chapter Twelve. Hazardous Wastes and Materials

Chapter Thirteen. Wildlife and Biodiversity

Chapter Fourteen. Protection of Habitat

III. International Environmental Law and Other Legal Regimes

Chapter Fifteen. Environmental Law and International Trade

Chapter Sixteen. Human Rights and the Environment

Chapter Seventeen. National Security, the Law of War, and Environmental Protection

Chapter Eighteen. International Corporate Standards

Chapter Nineteen. Extraterritorial Application of Domestic Environmental Law

Chapter Twenty. Environmental Protection and International Finance

ANNEX I. Researching International Environmental Law

ANNEX II. International Organizations Active in International Environmental Affairs

ANNEX III. Chronology of International Environmental Agreements