Habitat Protection - 2001 Developments

12/17/01 Mozambique Protects Vast Marine Nature Reserve
11/15/01 US S. Ct. Lets Decision Banning Oil and Gas Development in Rockies Stand
11/02/01 Ontario to Protect Vital Morraine
09/20/01 Cooks Islands Creates S. Pacific Whale Sanctuary
09/20/01 Millionaire Buying up Land in Maine in Hopes of National Park
09/18/01 Lesotho and S. Afrifca Conserve Shared Mountains
09/10/01 WWF Maps Ambitious Arctic Conservation Plan
09/07/01 Tiger-Leopard Reserve Set Aside on Chinese-Russian Border
09/04/01 Malaysian Loggers Claim to be Turning Over New Leaf
05/16/01 Infertile Crescent
05/14/01 Pakistan Acts to Protect Wetlands
04/17/01 Human modification & destruction of the planet's coastal zone is endangering marshes, estuaries….
03/15/01 World Wide Fund for Nation reports that 10 of the largest forestry companies could stop logging in old growth forests and still meet the world's forest product needs
03/12/01 Two environmental groups challenge the UN's assertion that global deforestation rates have diminished, contributing to the debate forming the basis of an international legal framework for forest protection
03/01/01 Increasing competition between crops and pavement for cropland reaches developing countries
03/01/01 Greenpeace reveals photos, tarnishing International Forest Products' logging practices image
02/22/01 World Wildlife Fund lists 10 forests that are currently unprotected and unmanaged, found largely in the world's poorest regions
02/21/01 Supporters of the two largest sustainable forestry certification plans continue debates, in hopes of a consensus
02/19/01 Report on the organizational session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) and the informal consultations on the UNFF's multi-year programme of work (MYPOW) at UN Headquarters in New York from 12-16 February 2001
02/09/01 Environmental groups announce the disbursement of funds to help communities in the Laguna San Ignacio area, rewarding the communities' actions in stopping the development of an industrial salt facility that would have significantly transformed the area and would have destroyed the world's last pristine birthing area for the Pacific gray whale
02/02/01 Amid the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention are warnings that water shortages and flood related disasters will rapidly increase if more is not done to protect the world's wetlands
01/04/01 EUMETSAT's new weather satellite is slated to launch next year to monitor environmental conditions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean