Habitat Protection
2000 Developments

12/28/00 World Resource Institute disseminates report on the ability of forests to produce goods and services
12/26/00 Summary of Fourth Conference of the Parties (COP-4) to the Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD) in Bonn, Germany
12/21/00 European Environment Agency and UNEP issue report on the lack of attention on Europe's land degradation problems
12/08/00 New Tri-National Accord strives to protect the Congo Basin from poaching and illegal logging
11/16/00 World Commission on Dams issues first assessment ever on social and environmental costs of dams
11/14/00 Part of Great Barrier Reef blown up to refloat ship
11/13/00 Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe have establish the Gaza-Kruger-Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park, Africa's biggest wildlife park
11/10/00 UNEP speaks out on crisis in Asia's dry lands
11/03/00 Shipping ban urged for Great Barrier Reef world heritage site following wreck of container ship
10/23/00 WWF calls for sanctuaries for most vulnerable fish species
10/20/00 United States ratifies Convention to Combat Desertification
10/09/00 Johns Hopkins study reveals that new human diseases have traveled farther than previously thought and cites tropical logging as a cause
09/28/00 Tourism in Victoria Falls, an UNESCO World Heritage Site located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, threatens the environment
09/27/00 UN agency announces the creation of an initiative to combat desertification in the Mediterrarean region
08/30/00 Indigenous people of Canada's arctic take action to control high levels of POPs and other contaminants to which they are disproportionately exposed
08/29/00 Canadian company harvests Greenland icebergs for fresh water to solve global water shortage
08/25/00 Zimbabwe's land redistribution plan threatens woodland on commercial property that is home to various species
08/23/00 Partnership formed among Conservation International, WB and GEF to fund conservation efforts in biodiversity hotspots such as Madagascar
08/09/00 UK introduces new rules on illegal timber procurement following last month's G8 commitment to prevent illegal logging
08/08/00 FAO study announces marked decrease in rate of deforestation in tropical countries
06/16/00 Governments, NGOs and stakeholders commence activities on combatting desertification and land degradation caused by climate change, inappropriate agricultural practices, deforestation and overgrazing
05/30/00 Fragmentation of rain forests threaten forest composition and biodiversity
05/23/00 International Food Policy Research Institute scientists find that almost 40 percent of agricultural land is degraded, threatening global food security
05/22/00 International Food Policy Research Institute concludes that insufficient global food production is caused by soil degradation and population growth
05/22/00 Corals unable to acclimate to continued levels of carbon dioxide, reducing global coral reef ecosystems by 40 percent within 50 years
04/19/00 Twenty-four NGOs from 12 countries complain that the Pan-European Forest Certification (PEFC) agency threatens to undermine global solutions to meaningful forest management, favoring the competing global Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
03/28/00 Civil society organizations fear that the Inter-American Development Bank will fund environmentally and socially harmful projects in its efforts to reduce poverty
03/14/00 Summary of the fourth session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests discusses proposal on whether a legally binding instrument should be included in an international arrangement on forests
03/14/00 U.S. Coral Reef Task Force introduces plan to protect and sustain America's coral habitats
03/02/00 Greenpeace activists set up protest to BP Amoco's offshore oil production program in Beaufort Sea of Alaska's north coast
03/01/00 World Resources Institute launches Global Forest Watch to document vanishing forests through a network and tracking system using satellite imagery and ground level observations
02/25/00 Report discussed at U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Regional Conference for Africa finds Africa's forests are seriously threatened by military conflict, misuse of agricultural land and overlogging
02/22/00 Forest Stewardship Council relaxes standards, reduces percentage of virgin wood in chip and fiber products that comes from FSC certified products before products can carry FSC logo due to pressure from European participants in the program
02/14/00 UNESCO designates Vancouver Island's Clayoquot Sound as a world biosphere reserve, giving moral and financial incentive to develop sustainable practices in the region
02/14/00 CSD summarizes the fourth session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF-4), to include a proposal  to be submitted to CSD-8 on whether a legally binding instrument should constitute part of an international arrangement on forests
02/08/00 A Texaco oil barge sinks to the bottom of an Amazon River tributary in Brazil
02/02/00 World Bank internal evaluation finds 1991 forest strategy has been poorly implemented and calls for a new policy that encourages creative experimentation and partnerships with the private sector and local communities
01/25/00 WWF gives low marks to Europe's forestry protection efforts